The Style Dunce was started in May 2013 after some needling by a very stubborn best friend.

"Katie, when are you going to start your blog?"
"Katie, have you started it yet?"
"KATIE. You better start it this week or we're dunzo."
... and on and on.

So I purchased this domain name and a pre-made blog template.. and then sat on it for about 8 months before I wrote my first post.

But despite my initial hesitation, I created this blog hoping it could become a gathering place of sorts for people who like to talk about fashion, beauty and daily twenty-something life with a plentiful side of snark. (Note: I just tried to find a synonym for snark and nothing sounded better.)

I'm a 26-year-old fashion school drop-out turned reporter turned blogger. I don't pretend to be super stylish and goodness knows my DIY category was naively made (let's call it good if I post more than 5 entries into there in a year), but if I have one thing to offer, it's that I'm really good at giving advice.

(Just kidding. I suck at that too.)

Hope you'll still enjoy my blog anyway.

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