Monday, April 6, 2015

How to get out of a rut

Here's what I've accomplished the past two months: jack shit. But I did think about accomplishing things. I mean, really, that's all I did. I've become that person who always talks in terms of tomorrow. 

Oh yeah, tomorrow, I'll start exercising again. Tomorrow I'll write something. 

But then work ends and all I want to do is sit on the couch and watch Netflix. I'm in a rut and the only way I know how to get out is to basically do the opposite of everything I've been doing.

That means:

Stop watching Gilmore Girls. And Friends. And Say Yes to the Dress. And every other dumbass show that has 4+ seasons available on Netflix. But most importantly, stop watching Gilmore Girls. Each episode I ask myself: Are you really ready for 42 minutes of Lorelei's monologues interspersed with Logan calling Rory 'Ace?' No, of course I'm not. But then Lorelei and Luke interact and all is right in the world.

Exercise. Or at least tell people I'm exercising so when anyone asks me what I do to stay active (though, really, what kind of worthless question is that?), my answer doesn't have to be, "uh well I have these Jillian Michaels DVDs but I haven't done them in awhile. Sometimes, I think about doing them though."

Stop watching Youtube make-up videos. But only because every video is a reminder that I've missed my calling. I want my full-time job to be sitting alone in my room talking to a camera! I want my full time job to include getting free make-up! I want the fine folk at Guru Gossiper to dissect every video I make while simultaneously claiming to not give a shit about me. But most of all I want to be able to answer: Do make-up collections stop existing if their owners don't make 30-minute long videos about them?

Substitute fresh-squeezed juices for wine. This is a tough one. Buy a $20 Bota Box cab or spend $500 on enough fresh fruit for a week's worth of daily juice. If you couldn't tell I don't actually know how much fresh fruit would cost for a week's worth of juice... because I don't juice. Ever. But I do know freeing the spigot from a box of wine takes way less time than blending a bunch of fruit. And is there anything more annoying than cleaning a blender? There's not. Except for maybe cleaning out your coffee mug each day.

Start running. I have this theory I'll like running because I like driving alone in my car while listening to music, and running's basically the same thing right? Alone time with music? The only downside is I'm super self-conscious about how I look running and everyone I know has told me have I have a reason to be.

Stop complaining. Or at least stop complaining about the same things over and over. Although really, the best reason to stop complaining is so annoying people who hear everything as a complaint stop saying, "stop complaining about everything!" to every statement that isn't blindingly positive so people are, I don't know, struck by what non-complain-y martyrs they are.

Get a hobby. Here's something I've noticed: I don't have a good answer to, "So what are your hobbies?" Granted I think it's as annoying a question as, "What do you do to stay active?" but I feel like I should probably have a decent answer that doesn't reference Netflix. Or reading. No one gives a shit that you like to read.  

Eat more greens. I mean this is like a given, right?

So, please, tell me how you get out of a rut. Because right now I'm going to go back to watching Friends on Netflix.


  1. I feel you. January and February literally did not exist for me. Miraculously, I got stuff done in March. . .but now I think I need another two month hiatus. All I want to do now is marathon Once Upon A TIme.

  2. I'm so glad you posted! I actually put you in the "dead blogs" folder, but I'm glad I was wrong. I feel self conscious about running outdoors, too, but I've found that runners are incredibly positive and supportive people (probably all that adrenaline and healthiness coursing through their bodies). Or maybe I'm not understanding the full extent of your running weirdness, but if Phoebe can do it, I'm sure you can, too!

    Oh, and I give a shit that you like to read. I also like to read. Reading is awesome.

  3. Haha, I've never started that show which is probably a good thing. Ruts are way too easy to get in and stay in. Glad your out of yours!

  4. Hahah, oh god how did I forget that episode already? I love the way Phoebe runs. I really should try it sometime. And, agreed, reading is awesome. I'm on a memoir kick right now. (and I don't blame you for putting me in the dead blog folder--I was so lazy but I'm over it now!)

  5. Whenever people ask about my hobby, I'd tell them it's to bum at home and/or Sims whole day. So productive, right?

  6. I mean... wine is basically juice, because... grapes. Free that spigot!

  7. Hahah, yes. I'm stealing it. "Oh I just like to bum at home." It's perfect.

  8. YES. The tragedy of the night though is that I ran out of wine. Ridiculous.

  9. I spent a lot of time this winter crying, eating my feelings, and thinking about how I was such a failure at blogging and life in general. Personally, I think we should all hibernate during the winter, and then we wouldn't have to deal with going about life while being in a rut. We could just sleep. And obviously the human version of hibernation would be sleeping, netflix, and wine.

  10. That's such a good idea--just hibernate in the winter. I like this world. Let's make it happen.