Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Currently loving #4

It's Tuesday--let's talk about the things we love this week. I'd start off with the Walking Dead because I just watched it, but like after last year's mid-season finale, we're not really speaking right now.

What am I loving, however:

1. The return of Masterchef Junior.

Only the cutest contestant ever. (via)
Judging by how many episodes are available on Hulu, I'm clearly a little late to the game, but we just installed Hulu Plus onto my boyfriend's Playstation, and it's like a whole new world has opened. Last year, my boyfriend and I both rooted for Alexander but this year we're split. I'm going for Abby (because she's cute, duh) and he's rooting for Logan because they share the same name. I mean, seriously, that's it. Like I said, we're behind. Don't tell me if one of our dreams are already crushed.

2. Abigail Breslin's foray into music. 

Who doesn't love when actors venture into music? It's my favorite.

3. This recipe. I always trot it out this time of year because it just seems like the right thing to do.

I'm so healthy, just eat all of me. 
4. Real Housewives on Hulu Plus.

5. THIS. I mean I don't even need it. I have plenty of eye shadows in those shades and a blush I already like, but oh my god it's compact and cute and organized and it's all in one little palette. Just give it to me.

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    I'm sorry. But I feel like whenever a teen actress tries to get into the music biz, they're just wannabe's of the great and powerful Avril.

    And a s'more pie?!?! Good God. Goodbye healthy-ish body. It was nice knowing you. But this is worth it.

  2. I'm not speaking to The Walking Dead right now, either. And I still haven't forgiven them for posting the MAJOR SPOILER on Facebook before the episode aired on the West Coast.

  3. It's SO worth it. And it's just cute. And that's a really good point actually about teen actresses--their songs are SO Avril 2.0 it seems. I guess because they want to start with something that'll get them noticed. I just like that we've progressed to straight up "you suck." (Oh and yes. ALL HAIL NAKED).

  4. Oh no, did it ruin it for you?? I saw one Facebook friend mention just that the episode made her sad and I was like, "okay no Facebook til I watch it." I AM SO MAD at them right now. Stop making me interested in characters that you're just going to end up killing before you really let them do anything!

  5. Yup, they TOTALLY ruined it for me. They apologized, but it was still seriously uncool.

    And I'm with you. I'm really mad about killing off characters that are just starting to become interesting. But then, who does that leave besides our absolute favorites?

  6. Oh, I just started watching Master Chef junior. I'm also team Logan. He's from my hometown!

  7. I had no idea Abigail Breslin was doing music. I really hope she plays a show and pulls a "Little Miss Sunshine" haha!

  8. Whenever I see kids cook, I wonder what is wrong with me.

  9. Ok, we need to make that cookie pie thing while we rho all the places marathon. I love you and I'll see you soon, ok? OK.

  10. Oh, awesome! He's a cutie, but I have to be true to Abby.

  11. Haha, best part of the movie! Also, I had no idea she was either until I saw it on a gossip blog.. So glad I stay informed on these important things.