Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Currently Loving link-up #1

I'll tell you what it means sad JoGlo. It's nail polish that's perfectly opaque after only one coat. It's shrimp cocktail followed by a caramel apple. It's what I currently feel for everything listed below. It's also what I feel for Crystal who created the Currently Loving link-up.

Image created by Daisy for The Happy Type

So let's talk about what we love because it's Tuesday and only love will get you through the rest of the week.

Sephora's Give Me More Lip kit

Buy here.
You know why this is the most wonderful time of the year? Sephora releases their new Favorites kits which let you sample all the brands you were curious about but were wary of spending $25+ on for one item. I've gotten the mascara kits before and loved them but this time I decided to go for the lipstick because I'm determined to be the type of person who wears lipstick and wears it well.

The only full-size product is the Melted lipstick from Too Faced (which is a wonderful fuchsia) but the rest are deluxe sample size so there's enough product to wear the lipstick more than a few times and determine if you like it or not. In this year's package, the colors are split into fuchsia berries, bright reds, pinkish neutrals and what the cool kids call oxblood. I kind of wish instead of the pinks, there were orange-y shades, but I appreciate Sephora for teaching the tried-and-true lesson that you can't always get what you want. The only one I'll probably never wear is the OCC lip tar but that's only because I'm not in any way cool enough to pull off such a dark shade.

Incorporating fake blood into your Halloween costume

What am I? It's not written in stone or anything but I'm calling it a glamour zombie type thing. I couldn't get this image by Jkissa out of my head and wanted to replicate it on a smaller, lazier scale. All I had to buy for the costume (which included a retro-style Bettie Page dress I didn't bother to photo) was the fake blood. Oh, and the eyelashes. Of course the fake eyelashes. Sidenote: how does anyone wear those on the regular? They are itchy as shit.

Anyway, my actual point is that the fake blood was fun and now I have a lot of it and will probably need to incorporate it into next year's costume. But good news if you were wondering about that fake blood at the store--it kind of acts like real blood and basically just flakes off by the end of the night if you don't reapply it. The next morning, all that's left is a vague rash on your neck and chin, and who'd be asshole enough to comment on that?

Karissa Pukas' YouTube channel

I could write an entire week's worth of posts about Youtube beauty gurus I love. They include the ladies at BatALash Beauty, Jaclyn Hill and Wayne Goss, but right now my love is mostly directed at Karissa Pukas aka SaturdayNightsAlrite.

I'm late to the party, I know, but I like her style, I'm jealous that she lives in Australia and I appreciate how she also holds her hair in her mouth when she's curling another section because I do that too and I always felt kind of weird about it.

Giving Rosita lines in The Walking Dead

Now that she's actually allowed to string sentences together, I wonder when she'll get a personality. But that's always the death sentence for the supporting players, isn't it? And if we're being honest, I'm also loving the fact that she's no longer wearing the combat boots, short shorts and midriff top combo anymore because while we're on the topic, what the fuck was that?

Not loving: Abraham referring to her as "some ass" when she's spent the majority of the time on the show wearing the afore-mentioned outfit and not being given a whole hell of a lot to do otherwise. 

Special Halloween Kit-Kats

If these are now half-off at your local grocery store, you need to get on them. I've spent years saying how much I hate KitKats and these actually changed my stance on them. Plus they are this cool unnatural orange so you know it's made from good stuff.

Bonus Round: One Thing I'm Currently Not Loving


So here's the thing--ultimately, I like the show, but my boyfriend and I have been watching it for the first time on Netflix, and I can only handle it in batches before I get annoyed.

I don't know who the writers are beyond their names, but they all have this adorable habit of writing like a homophobic, scared-of-women bro who has very particular ideas about what it means to 'be a man.' For instance, Dean. How uncomfortable with sexuality can one man be? And did I really just watch an episode where Dean took relish in telling the "Whore of Babylon" to "die whore?"

There's also the writers' habit of not including women in pivotal yet non-evil roles ever (though to be fair, we're on season five). Bobby could easily have been a woman. Castiel could easily have been a woman. But I guess that would have required more nuance than characters who constantly refer to women as chicks and become extremely uncomfortable whenever anyone thinks their gay.

So what are you currently loving?


  1. Do you read the walking dead comics? Rosita was... a piece of ass. LOL

  2. You and that blood. You know I love it and I need the give me lip as well....I'm also not having the Supernatural in large amounts because I do the SAME THING AS YOU. Thanks for linking up, boo.

  3. I was a vampire, so I also experimented with fake blood. Mine actually flaked off in under 2 hours. And I'm too lazy to reapply over and over again. My roommate ended up painting me with food coloring, which was great in theory, but not so great the next several days!

  4. I have found a lot of my favorite make up products from the sample boxes at Sephora and Ulta. Sometimes I get just enough out of the kit that I don't need a full size. I need to watch a few more youtube videos on makeup, so I'm going to check that channel out!

  5. That doesn't surprise me! Honestly, I kind of expect that from a comic, but when the show is trying to be gritty and real, the way they had her styled for awhile was cheesy as fuck. I'd like to see a guy on the show similarly styled. For real. Maybe Rick. Or maybe Carl.

  6. You do need the give me lip kit. It's pretty great. Though the Benefit balm in there wears down real fast. My sample is practically already worn down and I only used it today. Also, why Supernatural, why? I think Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are adorable and totally charismatic and hell I like the actors who play Bobby and Castiel too, but c'mon man.

  7. Haha! I actually researched homemade blood and one recipe included food dye--I was curious if it'd leave a stain or not! I probably reapplied twice, maybe three times.. so yeah. Not the greatest formula ever.

  8. It's really great! A lot of fun to try out the colors, which are mostly all really good. Some seem kind of drying because they are supposed to be long-lasting but they all have really pretty pigmentation.

  9. She's awesome! She seems very friendly and her looks are approachable. Also, I absolutely love sample kits for just that reason. Mostly I love just trying new things. You've also reminded me I need to hit up Ulta more.

  10. I agree about Rosita. It's great that she's getting some actual screen time now, but it means her time on the show must be very short.