Monday, October 20, 2014

What I've learned from two episodes of Gilmore Girls

I don't actually know what's happening here. (via)
You know those shows everyone else seems to adore and constantly reference but you've never even seen an episode? Gilmore Girls is that show for me. I'm pretty sure all of my close female friends have watched the entire series, specifically while in high school, so Rory is basically a pretend sister for them.

I've never had strong feelings against the show, so I guess I was just too busy watching Lifetime movies and reruns of Friends in high school to care about it. But that changed this weekend--so thanks, Netflix.

And you know? I can dig it. Especially if the rest of the episodes are as eye-opening as the first. (Let's pretend that was a good enough segue to get into the post's title.)

What I learned from the first two episodes of Gilmore Girls:

1. Cafe owners on the east coast hate serving you coffee. And food. But they sure are handsome.

2. 'Struggling with money' is code for lives in a nice house with a wraparound porch and charming decor.

3. East cost towns are composed primarily of cobblestones and fall trees.

4. Popular girls at private schools steal things and hide in hedges to find out if you're gonna fuck up their school paper dreams and not to smoke or anything.

5. Referring to a girl as Mary to suggest they look like a virgin is something high school-aged guys did in the 80s...  and in 2000. (Don't remember that? Well you didn't go to a private school with Chad Michael Murray, did you?)

6. Speaking of Chad Michael Murray. He's in this show. I can't wait to not give a shit for the rest of the season.

7. Tofu sucks and is only something Asian moms would push on you.

8. Somewhere along the way, Sam Winchester got a voice transplant. And his name was Dean. How is that not mind-blowing?

9. The only clothing options available when your suits are at the dry cleaners are jean shorts, a stomach-bearing t-shirt and cowboy boots. Obviously.

10. French men who work at hotels are kind of assholes. As are harpists.

11. Clutzy chefs who almost start fires a lot are the best chefs of all.

12. But seriously, Melissa McCarthy is on this show? Why didn't anyone tell me? She was my favorite part of Samantha Who? (And I guess I also Bridesmaids if we like stating the obvious.)

13. Hating your upbringing and your parents isn't a good enough reason to move away from them. Not when future character development is on the line.

14. Some teenage girls willingly dress super dowdy. And like it.

15. People forcing you to remove your outerwear is a legitimate fear to have. I had the cutest matching cardigan and skirt combo when I was 9 that I loved. Except before I had a chance to wear it, my sister made a comment about how my teacher would think the cardigan was outerwear and make me take it off--leading to, horror of all horrors, me sitting there with no top on. (Wearing a shirt under the cardigan was clearly something my 9-year-old brain didn't fathom). So I never wore it. Thanks for backing my decision up Gilmore Girls.


  1. Haha. I love Gilmore Girls! I'm one of the ones who watched the entire series while it was on TV. I'm glad that you've finally jumped on the bandwagon.

  2. I apparently failed you as your BFF if you never got Gilmore Girls educated...HOWEVER, the last 2 season. >.> WHATEVER. Just watch until Rory goes to college and then tell me your thoughts.

  3. I never really watched Gilmore Girls either. I've seen episodes here and there and like it okay, but I've just never had a strong opinion either way.

  4. I never got into the Gilmore Girls either. I think I watched two seasons. I never really liked Rory even though I wanted to since she was one of those smart characters who wanted to write. I just remember her having this kind of "I'm acting young and whiny tone." I see a lot of people going crazy about it on Twitter now because of Netflix and I'm getting curious though. Haha, #2. I'm surprised I haven't seen people pointing out "privilege" yet.

  5. I hate how much I love Gilmore Girls but I could honestly watch every episode over and over again

  6. I love love LOVE Gilmore Girls ! And number #8, imagine it backwards. Seeing "Dean" play Sam, a demon killing bad-ass was too much for me. Eventually it grew on me but it was freaky at first, trust me.

  7. Haha, me too! I will definitely be marathoning it with wine. Hopefully this weekend.

  8. You failed me as a BFF in so many ways. Tell me but don't tell me. Do Lorelai and Luke have a 7-season long maybe-they-will, maybe-they-won't relationship until they finally get married?

  9. Yeah, that's been me too. I never hated it but I thought it seemed a little cheesy so I never watched it.

  10. Haha yeah, from the little I saw of the show I didn't really like Rory or Lorelai. They just seemed too cutesy. But I'll probably be marathoning it now that I can.

  11. Hahah. No shame! I've probably said this 20 times now but I'm all about marathoning this show, some wine and a lazy weekend.

  12. Haha, since I started Supernatural first, he looks so young in Gilmore Girls! It's bizarre. And I swear his voice is different.

  13. Now that Gilmore Girls in on Netflix, it's my latest background binge watch. I work from home, and sometimes instead of listening to music while I work, I have a not-too-complicated Netflix show on in the background. Many shows on my to-watch list are on permanent hiatus because I currently only have time to watch TV while I work OR watch Star Trek: Voyager with my husband. Clearly I can't watch a super-awesome, totally-engaging, very plot-oriented show while I work.

    I'm already on Season 4, and I've been sending my best friend regular updates. GG is her all-time favorite show, and she claims to have seen every episode at least 8 times. So she always knows exactly what I mean when I IM her even the vaguest of exclamations.

  14. I totally tweeted about privilege! Sort of. I tweeted a few times about the total lack of diversity in the show. The only black person on the entire show is French. Add in one Korean family, and one Korean boy at the private school. Everyone else is white. It's one of the whitest shows I've ever seen. I just started Season 4, when Rory goes to Yale, so maybe there will be more diversity?