Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What's better than five best friends coming together to write smart essays and cocktail recipes?

So Crystal recently clued me in to The Page Girls and I'm usually not ahead of the curve on things, so this is pretty exciting. I'm teaming up with them this week to celebrate their Birthday Week, i.e. the launch of their new online magazine.

Each week, The Page Girls publish a themed issue that has short stories, book reviews, personal essays, videos and more. Oh, and cocktail recipes. You can't forget about the cocktail recipes. Like this one. I'm intrigued at the same time that I'm repulsed by the caramel vodka, but I would so try it (because I believe all cocktails should be tried at least once).

But honestly, what really got me interested in their magazine is that they are five best friends who want to emphasize female friendship. And you know what? Rock on. I'm all about celebrating female friendship and I don't know what I'd do without my female friends. Which isn't to alienate women who don't have a lot of female friends for whatever reason (except, of course, if that reason is that other women are annoying), but it's so refreshing to see a perspective different than, "women are too catty to be true friends."

Yeah, obviously not everyone shares this perspective, but I've heard it enough to know it's a thing. And it's bullshit.

Here's where I'd be without my female friends:

1. Still with bangs even though they are annoying as shit to deal with. (Thanks, Crystal).
2. Without stupid tight skinny jeans that fit just right. (Thanks, Sara).
3. Without my appreciation for Essie nail polish. (Thanks Sarah-with-an-h).
4. Without the knowledge that your early twenties are for being young and finding yourself (Thanks, Elissa. Yes, Elissa. You taught me that. It's called Mexico and I remember).
5. Without my appreciation for Syfy movies (Thanks again, Crystal).  

So that's probably why I appreciate that The Page Girls' first issue was LYLAS (Love You Like a Sister). They've also had The Craziest Thing I Did For Love, which included an excerpt of the book Here For the Cake by Page Girl Emily Poule.

I include that last little point, because they're all published, which is, uh, pretty cool. It's also the perfect segue into a giveaway I've teamed up with the Page Girls to bring you.

Enter and you can win these adorable coasters and An Imaginary House by the Sea, an e-book by Page Girl Cecily Gates, which I'm pretty sure would be perfect for reading while lounging out by the pool or beach or just your couch.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

1. Winner will be notified within 24 hours of winning and will have 48 hours to respond. If winner does not respond  a new winner will be chosen.
2. All entries will be thoroughly checked. If entries are falsified a new winner will be chosen.
3. Letterpress coasters will be mailed by The Page Girls from NYC as soon as winner is verified.
You can also enter the giveaways going on daily this week at the The Page Girls.


Or sign up for their weekly newsletter to get notified about new issues, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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