Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Things you can stop caring about past 25

So, I was skyping with Crystal the other day when we started talking about one of her old guy friends. I don't even remember how he came up but I do remember that we chatted about his dislike for me (because why not?). And as we were talking about him, I sat there thinking, "why the hell did he hate me so much?" and I actually let it bother me.

Until, of course, I realized: I didn't like him either. In fact, I actively disliked him. I disliked him from the moment I met him. So why did I care what he thought?

And I realized I spend too much time caring about the opinions of people whose opinions I don't even value. Which brings me to this blog post. I'm done caring about any of these things:

1. The dumb opinion of others. If you're worried what an overly-deadpan buzzkill thinks of you, you should maybe get a hobby. (Yes, I just worked in an insult against that guy--you have to at least give me that).

2. What the popular girls from high school are doing these days. Whether they're pumping out their sixth kid in a loveless marriage (you wish) or shitting on the well-loved trope that popular kids peak in high school, who cares? Nobody deserves to be judged for the rest of their life by the awful person they were in high school unless they were truly terrible--in which case they should be forced to listen to "Popular Song" for eternity.

3. Whether my body looks as good in a bikini as all of the other girls on spring break. Please. As if you get a spring break past 25.

4. What other people think of my clothes. The up-down bitch-stare girls give each other could ruin my day in high school. Now? No fucks are given.

5. If my taste in music is cool enough. Oh hey early twenties, it was sure fun buying the work of artists I didn't even like so I could look cool on the off-chance someone scrolled through my iPod (no one ever did).

6. Shooting whiskey so no one thinks I only like "bitch" drinks. Bitch drinks are delicious. Give me a bitch drink so I can pound it back. I'm game.

7. Whether I'm wearing the right brand. Is GAP not cool anymore? That's not what my ass said while looking amazing in my 1969 skinny jeans.

8. Whether I fit into that mini-skirt that I always wore when I was 20. (Lies. This still kills me that it doesn't fit. That skirt was so fucking cute.)

9. The black-and-white way I used to view the world. You know what? It's nicer living in gray areas. Being judgmental and knowing everything all the time is so goddamn tiring.

10. My imperfections. I mean, yeah, they'll still bother you, but it's not like this ALL-CONSUMING, oh-my-god I'LL NEVER BE LOVED thing they are when you're still in that vulnerable age when you hate everything about yourself.


  1. Dude. I wear Walmart clothes.

    And not one single fuck was given....

  2. 5 and 6 are my jam man!


  3. I think I'm prematurely aging. your lists are always awesome, so spot on.

  4. Love this - all the above are true! I need to work on caring less about things. Great share!

  5. Great list! I love your lists--they're so hilarious and perceptive.

  6. Dude, I'm not in Walmart enough to know, but Target's clothing section could probably supply my wardrobe.

  7. Thank god. Let's have a party together where we don't listen to cool music and whiskey isn't allowed.

  8. Thanks, Kai! I put this list at 25, but honestly it was probably me past 21.

  9. Yeah,I think some of these things are easier than others to care less about--I'm still working on some of them! Thanks for your comment, Laura!

  10. Aw, thanks! Sometimes it just feels like a list day.

  11. Some things really do get better as you get older, and I honestly am excited for the day when I'm thirty, flirty, and thriving. Also, I TOTALLY used to be super concerned about the music on my iPod. What if my crush asked to borrow it? What if I met my soulmate while out for a run (and by run, I mean walk) and he wanted to look at my iPod?!? These were the things that plagued me in my early twenties.

  12. Haha, yes, THE IPOD. Way too much thought went into looking cool. I can't actually remember anyone scrolling through my ipod...