Monday, July 14, 2014

The style predicament

Alternate title: Why I'm Jealous of a Kardashian.

And by Kardashian, I mean Kendall Kylie Jenner. I just wanted to say Kardashian because SEO or something.

I'm not entirely sure how old Kylie Jenner is but I know she's young... and I'm jealous of her. Really I'm just envious of how much fun it looks like she's having playing around with her style. I'm talking the blue-tipped hair, the heavy make-up, the clothes. All of it.

You know what I wore when I was a teenager?

Boring American Eagle. And it didn't even fit right. My flared jeans either fit in the butt but were a little too short at the ankle or were long enough but I was swimming in them. And forget about make-up. I barely knew how to put on eyeshadow (though that didn't stop me from having a fully-stocked Clinique make-up bag).

During my freshman year of college (at a fashion school no less), you could characterize my style as 18-going-on-30, because I'd spend my money on Banana Republic and J. Crew cable-knit sweaters.


Finally by my junior and senior year of college I started dressing my age, which basically meant I only wore gray v-necks and high-waisted mini-skirts. And that's basically stuck, though I've traded (some of) the v-necks for more interesting blouses (i.e. the kind of tops LC designs and all style bloggers wear). Like this:

Polka dots? Peplum? Sheer fabric? Basically style blogger bingo. (via Kohl's)

(Full disclaimer: I don't actually own that shirt. Sorry.)

So seeing Kylie as a teen already being able to explore what she likes in fashion, kind of brings up some feelings in me. And I ask myself why at 26 I still feel like I don't have a sense of style that's my own.

Sure, it helps when you have the money and freedom to wear what you want, but there are plenty of people who aren't wealthy who have a very clear, identifiable sense of style. It's just something that's innate for them.

And I'm not sure I have that. I dress well and people have complimented me, but I don't think there's anything special about the clothes I wear. (Confession: I just debated making a collage of some of the looks I've already shared on this blog but then I decided it would come off like I was wanting you to reassure me that my style is adorable.)

If I had to describe my style it would probably be classic trendy, because while I wear trends, I usually keep it pretty understated. But at the end of the day, it's still just trendy... which is what everybody is wearing.

This isn't an insult, but we all have eyes--anyone can see that a lot of fashion bloggers' styles are pretty much just interchangeable. And I want something more unique than that. Which is why I love looking at Haleigh's style at Making Magique because it's fashionable but every outfit she wears is still uniquely her. She's trendy but not excessively so--she's just stylish.

I haven't been sharing any photos of the outfits I wear like I used to at the start of my blog because, well, a) I hate taking photos with a passion that burns brighter than the sun (if you think I'm kidding, come take photos of me and count how many different ways you have to tell me, "okay, your face in that last photo was a little, uh, awkward, let's try it again") and b) I don't think I've been dressing very interestingly lately.

But I want that to change--because you know what, Kylie Jenner be damned, while I never would've dressed like she does when I was a teen because my self-confidence would not have allowed it, I'm way more confident now than ever, and there's no reason I shouldn't dress exactly how I want to.

There's the slight problem that I don't actually have the money to go on a shopping spree at the moment, so I'm thinking I'll probably just start with purging my closet of the clothes I own but don't actually like. And then I'll go from there. Who's with me?


  1. Oh, god. You just gave me this flashback of my awful, preppy, pastel AE teen wardrobe. I don't have a sense of style at 27, and it makes me feel like a teenager when I'm in the company of other twenty-somethings in their mini dresses, strappy sandals, and statement jewelry. I'm either in black or cutesy sundresses that look like things my nieces wear. But then when I'm around other twenty-somethings, I can't help noticing how they're all dressed alike and look silly. I don't have money either, and there's so much overpriced polyester crap in stores these days. My new goal is to learn how to sew skirts, at least, because damn that would be cool.

  2. Oh do I feel you on this one. I get so angry because I am forced to spend my money on "office attire" which basically means suits, blouses I can tuck in, and reasonable heels. It makes me SO angry. I only get like two freaking days a week to dress like I want to, and honestly, that's just not enough time to justify spending the money to find my style. It makes me so angry I want to just punch something yo. I mean, why can't I just randomly buy cute crap and dye the tips of my hair! I suck at life!


  3. THERE IS SO MUCH OVERPRICED POLYESTER. I don't think that point can be made enough. And I own way too much of it. But it's so true how many "stylish" people just dress exactly.the.same. It's just because they're trendy, not because they're stylish. Wasn't AE the shit though as a teen? No regrets.

  4. YES. I could find my style too if I had all the freedom/money to wear stuff I could never wear at work and buy whatever I wanted. But at the same time, my job is still casual I just can't wear anything too short/laidback and I'm kind of dreading the day when I have a job that requires business casual. Because I have like two outfits that fit that bill.

  5. Haha, well at least no one will say your style is boring. I'm intrigued by the black leather biker vest because I think I need a little more leather in my life.