Monday, July 7, 2014

Dear person who doesn't like when other people take things seriously

Do you ever get tired of having to tell people not to take things so seriously?

It must be tough living in a world where people care about things that you don't care about and then actually want to talk about those things, sometimes, to you and sometimes just in proximity to you. 

Does it weigh on your soul that you and you alone know what's important and worth discussing? Is that a heavy cross to bear?
I mean, shit. Why does everyone have to take everything so seriously? Why can't a good movie just be a good movie? Why can't something just be without being dissected and analyzed and critiqued?

Doesn't your friend know it's a buzzkill when she keeps going on about the dearth of interesting female characters in movies?

Why does she always have to make it about that? She takes everything so seriously.

Same with that other guy who's always bringing up the lack of diversity in the media. Look, the movie is based on a book that was written 50 years ago. It's not racist that all of the characters are white men. It can't be racist if it's not intentional.

Same with women. It's not sexist if there aren't any women of substance in a movie. It just means this particular story is about (white) men. And so is the movie before it and that other movie before that one. What's wrong with that?

Anyway, it's not like the media reflects our society. It's just a movie. It's just a TV show. It's just a book written by someone who's spent their entire life living and learning what it means to be a part of our culture. But it doesn't mean anything.

Besides there's that show about all those women prisoners and Magic Mike. So, yeah. Let's talk about the real sexism here. Hasn't anyone seen the bulging muscles they put on men in video games?

It's just so tiring, all this talk about sexual double standards and female objectification in the media. Why do people have to be such prudes? It's just (female) nudity. Everyone (all women) have them. What's the big deal? Male actors get naked sometimes too. At least they pretend the faceless body double's ass is theirs. Does that count for nothing?

When will people stop, like, using their own life experiences and perspectives to critique media representation?

It's just weird people don't get you're the one with the clear perspective. Like your lady friend. Clearly, you're the unbiased one when it comes to portrayals of women in the media because you haven't lived it, so you don't have the chip on your shoulder they do.

Anyway, I don't want to get off on the wrong foot. I know you hate it when people take things too seriously. I wouldn't want you to think I'm too preoccupied caring about the things other people care about.

That would just be awkward, right?


  1. Can we just hold hands and talk about how much we like each other? It's always so disheartening when you bring up something that you find interesting or unsettling and the answer is "Don't take it so seriously." I just want to scream "What should I take seriously?!" For some reason in grad school it was like NOTHING, except for what a select few thought was important was cool to talk about. Whatevs. I'm ok when you get on a rant because you rant with the best of them.

  2. This is fantastic! I love movie and book discussion, and I've recently become much more aware of certain societal issues and it is absolutely fascinating how you can see evidence of those in current media.
    "Don't take it so seriously"? No, how about you stop blowing everything off and use your brain.

  3. Aren't we always holding hands? And the "don't take it so seriously" nonsense is the easiest way for a person in over their head to shut down a conversation they aren't equipped for. YOU KNOW WHAT I WON'T TAKE SERIOUSLY? You, and the stupid words that come out of your mouth.

  4. Haha, exactly. It's such a lazy man's way out of a conversation someone doesn't know how to respond to. I hate when people act like movies and books are not influenced in any way by our greater culture. Really? You honestly think that?