Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dunce peeves

This is my face 99 percent of the time. Un-fucking-impressed. It's not because I'm a huge bitch. It's kind of just my face, I swear. But it does come in handy when I want to talk about all my pet peeves. Because that bitch in the picture has A LOT, I'm sure.

And I started off today annoyed almost immediately and it hasn't let up, so you know what? Let's just do this.

Let's talk about our pet peeves. This isn't about positivity. This is about FEELING.

1. I really, really dislike when cars don't know how to merge. Get your shit together, okay? Nobody has time for you.

2. Nobody wants to hear the hour-long version of how you met your boyfriend/girlfriend. Nobody.

3. The fact that I'm supposed to be impressed that Blake Lively doesn't have a stylist.

4. When you go somewhere with a group of people and figure out the place you're going to is closed or whatever and some smart-ass in your group has to say, "oh yeah, I could've told you that!"

5. People who can never be informed of anything. As in the people who always say, "yeah, I know" to everything whether they know or not, they just hate admitting that anything you've told them is new information because they're that person.

6. People who balk at drinking before noon. Boxed wine goes bad you know.

7. When my favorite band approves the use of their song on Grey's Anatomy and then I have to struggle with not being a pretentious douchebag about it.

8. IKEA and every goddamn person in the store.

9. When you complain about how someone copied you but your own idea was in no way original. Like the girl in my art class who once bitched about someone copying her idea for a fridge magnet, which was bacon and eggs. Bacon and egg magnets. Who'd have fucking thought?

10. Posts that make me sound really negative even when I'm not and oh god, it's too late now.  


  1. Is it terrible that this post made me smile the whole time? Haha, oh well. I thought it was great and it doesn't make you sound negative (because everyone has their pet peeves- most of mine have to do with driving, inconsiderate people (those go hand in hand too much...) and people who refuse to help themselves.

  2. I don't like Blake Lively. Am I the only one?

  3. Haha. I don't have a particularly strong opinion about her, but I did watch an interview once where she was teaching someone how to make this brie dish and she started it off by saying something like, "I don't cook off recipes so it's hard for me to describe it." UGH, shut up. And then of course the interviewer had to fawn over how Blake doesn't have a stylist. So I guess I'm somewhere in between neutral and negative...

  4. Inconsiderate drivers are the worst. Getting cut off from behind makes me the MOST mad. Among a whole list of things I could create. But glad you liked the post!