Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Things people say are overrated but really aren't


1. Candles. Who ever complained about a room smelling too good? Give them to me as a gift--I'd love it.

2. Roses. You know who says roses are overrated? The same people who say how much they like orchids. I.e. people so original it hurts.

3. Weddings. I'm sorry what's wrong with a free party besides your need to project shit onto another person's festivities?

4. Chocolates for Valentine's Day. Where's the problem? Every time I'm at the grocery store I look to see if the Russell Stover's boxes are on sale. (They never are.)

5. Titanic. As if it's not the single greatest love story ever told.

6. Skinny jeans. I.e. the best pants invention in the last century.

7. Buffets. You mean I get to choose from rows and rows of food? I am so there.

8. Taylor Swift. Don't even go there.

9. Keira Knightley. Definitely don't go there.

10. Amy Poehler. You sure as fuck shouldn't go there.

11. Bridesmaids. You're right, there's nothing important about a female-driven comedy that was a huge commercial success and genuinely good. (Is that last point subjective? Don't care.)

12. Red lipstick. Oh shut up that it makes you look like a clown. It makes you look like a sex goddess and I won't hear otherwise.

13. Black eyeliner. You know what happens when I put on any liner but jet black? A part of my soul dies and I don't feel like anything is worth anything anymore.

14. Bangs. Yeah, yeah. Something about hipsters and bangs. But they just look too adorable on some people and I'm still sad I've never perfected the perfect angled bang.

15. The Walking Dead. Say what you want about this show but I've never been so upset* about main characters dying than in this show, which has to mean something. (*This includes the Red Wedding, okay. The RED WEDDING.)

16. Fishtail braids. Oh are they out of style? Don't even give a fuck.

17. Kale chips. Over kale by now? Well I just discovered it and this train isn't stopping.

18. Zooey Deschanel. I'll give it to her. I never appreciated her as a comedic actress until New Girl and for that I apologize.

19. Boxed wine. Is liking boxed wine basic? Then sign me up for being a basic bitch because I love it.

20. Peter pan collars. Oh? Are they infantilizing? I was too busy looking adorable to notice.


  1. I just want to give this whole post a standing ovation.

  2. I've never been able to perfect my kale chips, but I want to! I remember when I switched to brown eyeliner and my friend drove me to the store, bought me black eyeliner, and told me to never switch again.

  3. 40684057684768 points to you for putting Keira Knightley aka my goddess on here. I don't really understand how she is SO UNDERRATED. But seriously I am obsessed with this entire list. So accurate. So well written (13, 16 & 20 made me literally lol). SO PERFECT.

  4. AHAHAHAH. YES. Let's be basic box wine fools who braid each others hair while eating kale chips and watch The Walking Dead WHILE listening to Taylor Swift at the same time. Why? Because we like to party.

  5. I swear every time I get dressed I ask myself what would Taylor wear. I adore her so much. And if I weren't so ready to chop off my hair I would be right there with you about the fishtale braids.


  6. Haha, thanks! Glad we're in agreement on these things.

  7. Haha, that is a great friend. To me brown eyeliner is like brown mascara. I get it and I get people use it to be more subtle, but my eyelashes/eyes don't stand out enough on their own, so I appreciate the increased drama you get from black.

  8. YES I LOVE KEIRA KNIGHTLEY. So gorgeous. I'm pretty sure she inspires the most jealousy out of me than any other celebrity. Plus I think she's a totally underrated actress. Atonement makes me dry sob.

  9. That sounds amazing. Better than amazing. And since we're besties we won't judge each other for the bits of kale in each others' teeth. (seriously have you noticed how roasted kale is even worse than nuts for getting stuck in your teeth?)

  10. I always want to chop my hair off into a cute trendy bob this time of year and I always give in, so this year I'm making an effort to keep growing it. And, YES, isn't Taylor's style great? She went from that kind of overdone country singer style most female country singers have to super flattering preppy-chic and it really works for her.

  11. Love it all...except the boxed wine. Holy hangover!

  12. Oh my lord, yes. There are so many glasses IN ONE BOX.

  13. I'm reading your blog at work, which is terrible, because now I'm trying really hard to not laugh and it's not working. I keep re-reading the line about boxed wine and I'm not sure why because I know that it makes me crack up every time. Can we be friends now? ;D

  14. Haha, yes! Especially if you like boxed wine.