Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The things you learn living with another person

Today is the second anniversary of the first date between my boyfriend and me. Except, actually it's not. We messed up the date and our anniversary is really on the 29th (we think) but the 28th kind of stuck. So now it's our anniversary.

Our first kiss (when I was blonde and he was Adam Scott). via
It's also the four-month anniversary of living together. (Is that not a thing to celebrate?) And it's been pretty smooth sailing, but there really are some things you don't truly learn about a person until you live with them. Like, how did I not know he likes White Russians so much?

And also:

1. Every hobby of his is loud. Every single one. Whether it's his guitar, a video game or the latest TV show he's watching.

2. He likes to cook and he's good at it. I'd care that he's yet another person in the world who is better at cooking than I am, but that would mean I gave a shit about cooking.

3.We thought the second shower in our apartment would come in handy, but turns out I get up earlier than him even if he has to leave earlier than me.

4. He does his laundry way more than I do.

5. But he sucks at making the bed.

6. We can go to IKEA together without breaking up.

7.  We kind of, sort of agree on home decor. But I have to compromise on all of my shabby chic florals. And he has to compromise on all of the ugly dishtowels he's somehow amassed.

8. He owns a lifetime supply of koozies. Who saw that coming?

9. He likes terrible coffee. And is proud of it.

10. He doesn't appreciate wine as much as a reasonable person should.

11. He likes Grape Nuts, but doesn't like Lucky Charms.

12. His hair doesn't shed nearly as much as mine.

13. He also believes that shrimp cocktail, chips and guacamole and cocktail weenies make a great dinner.

14. His clothes take up half the closet. House Hunters did not prepare me for this.

15. His version of leggings (i.e. what I live in at home) is a pair of plaid pajama bottoms.

16. He likes Burn Notice entirely too much.

17. We both think popcorn is an essential food group.

18. Grocery shopping is way better with another person to split the bill.

19. Alone time isn't really a thing anymore.

20. He'll never understand The Real Housewives.


  1. That GIF is one of the greatest first kisses of all time. Also, happy anniversary!

  2. Hahaha it's been 5 months now that my boyfriend & I have been living together and I totally get this!

  3. Thanks! And isn't it? Ben and Leslie have overshadowed any other fake relationship for me.

  4. Haha, good. I hope it's been overall compatible for you two too!

  5. I LOVE YOUR BLOG. Your 'voice' is so sassy and I love it. I hope you take that as a compliment, haha. I'm moving in with my boyfriend in a little over a month, so I'm excited and nervous to discover all these new things about him. I have a feeling that I'll have to clean a lot more, but at least I'll always have someone to cuddle with at night!

  6. Thank you! And that's exciting for you and your boyfriend--it's definitely been fun living together. Plus it would be so weird to go back to living alone. I've gotten so used to the company. And having someone to cuddle with at night is always nice!