Friday, May 9, 2014

The things my mother has taught me

(via realitytvgifs)
1. Wine is always the best drink of choice.

2. ER is and will always be a fabulous show.

3. Chrysler Sebring convertibles have their time and place.

4. Swordfish tastes like pork and you can trick someone who hates seafood into eating swordfish by telling them it's pork.

5. Celine Dion is a wonderful, beautiful creature to be cherished and adored.

How could you not love her? (via)
6. The Dixie Chicks are also pretty great.

7. Who you're with doesn't define who you are.

8. Olives soaked in martini juice are better than normal olives.

9. Sushi isn't so bad. Neither are mussels.

10. Judy Collins is a national treasure.

11. Incorporating a box into your Halloween costume never goes out of style. Jack-in-the-box, check. Christmas present, check. Dice, check.

12. Independent women were rocking it long before Destiny's Child.

13. Being in charge of your own finances is just what smart women do.

14. Eating healthy doesn't count on road trips.

15. Your twenties are for finding yourself and not for immediately settling down (unless that's what you want to do).

16. Watching rated R movies won't psychologically damage you as a kid.

17. Tipping well is just what you do.

18. Ellen was the best sitcom on TV.

19. Wine is the best. (Did I already say that?)

20. White zinfandel is the worst. The worst.


  1. Ellen was AWESOME and I guess you shouldn't tell your mom how we used to swill Boone's Farm...>.>

  2. moms they know the best. especially about eating healthy and ellen and wine of course.

  3. Haha, I think everyone knows how we used to swill Boone's Farm with a swirly straw. The secret's out. And Ellen WAS awesome. I freaking loved that show.

  4. Haha, they so do. Particularly about wine...

  5. ummm…your mom clearly knows her bizz and i'm so glad you're sharing these life lessons with those of us that maybe we're so fortunate to have such smart mothers. :) i'm sponsoring the daily tay this month too and thought i'd show some sponsor love! new reader…glad i found you! :) xo -

  6. Aw, that's so sweet--thanks for dropping by! And I'm glad I could share my mom's wisdom--I think the wine and Celine Dion were the most important points.

  7. omg, White zinfandel. gag. slash I once LOVED it. Don't judge young Nicole

  8. OK, so as your mother I am sitting up and taking notice. I have a problem. I think I told you the swordfish was chicken not pork. (I have since learned that swordfish is a bottom-feeder and would not promote ingesting it at this point in my life!)

  9. Haha, I can't even judge. We all have our past shames. Mine was UV Vodka.

  10. Hmm. I still feel like you said it was pork! But at least I know you won't trick me with it again.