Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday's Forgettable Five #2

It's Friday, you guys, which means it's time for another round of Friday's Forgettable Five.

Instead of make-up, let's talk about the most forgettable drinks ever ordered at a bar. Because it's the weekend and it's time to make bad decisions. 

1. Sex on the Beach. Who actually likes this drink except for 16-year-olds who just like to say the word sex? Yes, bartender, please pour every disgustingly sweet ingredient you have into one cup. Sounds delicious. 

2. Double whiskey. We get it. You're cool. You forced that shit down until the taste didn't want to make you crawl into a hole and die anymore just for this moment when all eyes are upon you at the bar. Enjoy it, by all means. 

3. Vodka cranberry. A.k.a. my go-to drink in college. Or is it cranberry vodka? I don't know but some bartender once snottily corrected the order I said it in, so maybe that's when it started to go downhill for me. Or maybe it was when I threw it up all over my friend's carpet in front of a bunch of people. Who really knows. 

4. PiƱa colada. This drink never tastes like I want it to and that never fails to be endlessly disappointing. 

5. Belfast bomb. NEVER AGAIN. And not never as in "in two months" but NEVER. Maybe I'll write a blog post about what Belfast bombs do to a person sometime or maybe I'll just keep my shame secret. 

Please share with me the worst drink you've ever had, so we can be in this shame spiral together.


  1. Oh, vodka cranberry. I wish I could say this wasn't my go-to in college too. It made me feel like I was classy. Oops. Clearly now I've upgraded to the tequila sprite because I've just stopped caring about class...or actually gained some actual class. Yay for adulthood!

  2. One of my friends always orders sex on the beach, every single time, and then encourages everyone else to drink it. But it's SO sweet that after a couple it's nauseating. Rum and coke, please.

    Best drinks: Malibu & pineapple, pancake shots, and what my bartender friend calls "blue sh*t".

  3. Salty Dog and Greyhound.... DISGUSTING!! Who drinks grapefruit juice anyway?

  4. I was seriously going to make a post about drinks, actually I still might... I turn 21 in a few short weeks and I've never been a big drink person. But of course now that I'm 21, I want to order drinks because...well, because 21 that's why! But I have no clue what to even try. Or how to order. Or what to say. I shall stay away from these 5 drinks lol.

    Got any that I should put on my 'first legal drink' list?!!

  5. Hahah, I'm totally about to drink a grapefruit soda. While I've never made a habit out of drinking greyhounds, I don't hate them. Salty Dog I'm not sure about though...

  6. Hahah, I still get self-conscious about ordering some drinks, like I'm calling them the wrong name or something. If you're in a fancy bar, I'd recommend mojitos, Moscow mules, fruity long-islands (or basically anything that's got fruit muddled in it) and anything that has X-Rated in it (or just X-Rated on the rocks). But if you're in a really casual/dive bar, I'd probably stick with gin and tonic or vodka and sprite. I ordered a mojito once in not-so-fancy bar and it was SO bad. It had been their special so I thought they'd know how to make it, but no.

  7. It should scare you. It's terrifying. And I'm certain to get reheheheeally drunk if I have it.

  8. Snotty bartenders are the worst...UGH...The one drink I am always disappointed by and will never like is a gin and tonic...I have no idea why. It's like sucking on pine needles, BLEH!!!