Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Life lessons from Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids

Who knew a show about boring bridesmaid dresses could be SO much better than its parent show? It's super catty AND I LOVE IT.

My metaphorical relationship with SYTTD: Bridesmaids. (via giphy)

Plus it's totally preparing me for my future wedding. I think I have a full journal of notes-to-self based on this show alone (no not literally--you think I keep journals?).

But it's always nice when a show can teach you about life and yourself while also challenging stereotypes about bridesmaids.

Here's what you'll learn from SYTTD: Bridesmaids:

1. Bridesmaids suck. They are the worst and their opinions are stupid.

2. Brides also suck.

3. It's not unreasonable to ask people to spend $500+ on dresses they hate. (Drinking game idea: take a shot anytime a salesperson says a variation of "just shut up and buy up.")

4. It's also not unreasonable to withhold your presence from a good friend's wedding unless you approve of the bridesmaid dress.

5. Picking out bridesmaids dresses is a religious experience for brides and taking away from it makes you worse than Hitler.

6. People will always lose their shit for pockets.

7. Ruffled, halter dresses are where it's at.

8. Maids of honor suck even more than bridesmaids.

9. Middle-aged women like the word bling.

10. Bridesmaids really like to come to fittings prepared with an arsenal of every single thing the bride has ever done to piss them off on the off-chance they need to throw it in her face when she picks a dress they hate.

11. It will never stop being beautiful when friends come together again after fabricated fights for the camera.

But seriously, ya'll? Maybe value your friendships more than you value a stupid dress you have to wear for a few hours one day. (Or never change because I love you too much.)


  1. all of my bridesmaids are going to be wearing Ruffled, halter dresses

  2. Omg, yes to the cattiness!! I can't believe how bitchy these bridesmaids can get...don't get me started though, my claws really come out when it comes to SYTD. I don't get why everyone can't plaster a smile on their face and just say "ohhh" and "ahhh" when the bride comes out and just agree to whatever she wants because it's HER big day! Your time will come, ladies so shut up. Ugh. I may have to write a post on this now.

  3. Pockets in bridesmaids dresses, I actually think, are a not great idea. Same with wedding dresses. Only because personally, I'd probably spend the whole time with my hands in my pockets and it just wouldn't be the most flattering for photos.

  4. Love of my loins, you know that I'll wear whatever you want me to and no price tag will be too exorbitant. We could totally play fight for cameras though if we could actually swing getting on that fact, let's make that our new goal in life.

  5. I sincerely hope this is a true statement.

  6. Hahah, do it, so I can read it. I CAN NOT handle the family and friends who just have to give their opinion about a dress they won't even be wearing, especially when you can tell the bride loves it. Shut up, just shut up!

  7. That's so true. Honestly, I really don't get the pockets thing. It's convenient for every day outfits but I really don't need them in my wedding dress. It might be nice to carry around my chap-stick all night though as a bridesmaid, because god knows I can't live without that.

  8. Haha, I'm sure your friends will appreciate that. I mean I don't want to be uncomfortable all night, sure, but if it fits then what does it matter if it's not your favorite? You'll only be in it for a few hours. Of course pictures are forever... but honestly who cares?

  9. Aw, thanks babe. We really need to get on this show. I guess it's up to me to get married. To add to the drama, I'll make you wear a color you look terrible in. BUT OH WAIT. Do any colors look terrible on you? I can't even threaten you with yellow.

  10. picking a bridesmaids dress is such a lose-lose situation. And don't believe what anyone says, because you will never, ever, EVER wear that dress again.

  11. There's just something so, "this is a bridesmaid dress" about every bridesmaid dress, regardless of how cute they are. My plan is to just go simple and in a cute color, with maybe two different styles so everyone isn't wearing the exact same thing, but I really don't plan on having that many bridesmaids.