Saturday, April 5, 2014

It's Britney, bitch.


God, that would have been so much cooler if my name actually was Britney. Oh well.

Point is, I'm doing this thing again. And if you hadn't noticed this place has gotten a bit of a facelift.

Raise the glass of champagne I assume you're already holding to Amber at And Yes to Joy, who was lovely enough to try her hand at a fresh design. It's been great working with you, Amber, so props, lady!

So how long has it been? Five months? Well, I'm glad to be back and I hope this won't be like that Adele song where I have to beg you to remember me again. Because I totally will.

I definitely maybe used the excuse of my new job and moving into a new place to be a lazy sack of shit (in so many words), but I hope ya'll have been enjoying 2014.

Here's how I've spent the last four months:

1) Boxed wine.

2) Pretending I'm a Pinterest goddess with my new apartment. I'm not. Shut up, it's fine, I don't care.

3) Netflix. Oh hey House of Cards and no cable.

4) Listening to my upstairs neighbor have sex. Get it, girl, but maybe stop shouting "oh yeah" over and over at the top of your lungs. (Welcome to apartment life!)

5) Watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Thanks for disproving all those annoying people who make the "every show needs a straight man" argument every time Anne gets a mention from Park and Rec. 

6) Spending way too much at Target because Anthropologie is all I want but it's too expensive.

7) Buying every lip crayon Revlon makes but wearing them maybe 1 percent of the time.

8) Getting over you know-whose death on Walking Dead. I'm still not over it. Leave me alone.

9) Eating yogurt. Who knew it was so good?

10) Living with a guy for the first time. More on this later. Maybe.

But for now, I'm just going to repeat numbers 1 and 4.


  1. Aww your back how exciting!!! And loving the new design!!!!

  2. Glad to see you're back, and I like the new design - especially the grab button & the color scheme.

    Netflix should always be on everyone's list, no matter what the list is. It's just like eating, it's vital. Although I just can't get into House of Cards! I gave it 3 episodes, does it get better? Should I keep watching or just forget it and wait for Orange is the New Black to come back into my life?

    I've been MIA from bloglife too, and jumping back in seems overwhelming at times but maybe I should just pop back with a new post randomly and you know, just dive in head first? Ehh, idk. Blogging = lots of work and planning; my ambitious side is pumped, but my lazy side is screaming 'stahhhhp' *sigh* To blog or not to blog, such a first world problem lol.

    Glad to see a post from you! Looking forward to more witty & hilarious posts :)
    - btw those Revlon lip crayons, all they're cracked up to be or no?

  3. Thanks, Caitlyn! So glad to be back!

  4. Thanks, Zauni!

    House of Cards definitely gets a little more "oh my god, have to see the next episode," toward the middle/end of the season, so maybe give it a couple more episodes? But I'm excited for the new Orange is the New Black too.

    I've missed blogging but you're right, it is so much work and planning! Just keeping up with everything takes a long time.

    Also, I really like the Revlon lip crayons because I think they're fun to play around with but they probably don't have the staying power of like Clinique's chubby sticks (is that still what they call them?) or Tarte's lip crayons.

    Thanks for the sweet comment!

  5. Haha, what can I say. My life is just that interesting. Boxed wine and yogurt.

  6. Why hello there. Glad you like the design! It's so good to be back. I've felt so out of it that past few months!

  7. yayay (also hi back!) Missed you too!!

  8. I haven't ventured into the lip crayon territory at all yet, as far as they go for quality & staying power - are clinique's the best?

  9. Honestly, I don't have enough experience with them to know--the Clinique ones just seem to be everyone's go to from what I've read. Confession: I never really started to even buy lipstick until I began hoarding the Revlon lip crayons.

  10. Loved everything about this post, haha! :)

  11. WELCOME BACK! Look how horrible I am, only just now reading this post. The redesign looks AWESOME, can't wait to start doing our link up and taking over the world!
    p.s. That Ron Swanson GIF is the best ever.

  12. Thanks, Erika--so glad to be writing again!

  13. It's okay, I forgive you for not being the first to comment. And that Ron Swanson gif has to be one of my favorite Parks and Rec moments ever. EVER.