Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday's Forgettable Five

I realized today that a lot of my sentences start with, "You know what's annoying..." And the "you know" has this horrifyingly shrill cadence that could burst your eardrums if you're too close.

I'm that person, apparently.

Thanks, Ramona.
Which is why I guess it's appropriate that I'm going to do a "forgettable five" instead of a "favorite five" this Friday.

Better to stay true to myself, right?

1. Clinique's CC Cream

Okay, so this was my bad for buying a product with the words, "moisture surge" on it. My face does not need a moisture surge and if it did, it'd get plenty from the five pounds of moisturizer I put onto it every morning. But thanks anyway, Clinique. Who wouldn't want a product that makes their face look super oily while not covering shit?

2. Urban Decay 24/7 under-eye concealer

A super greasy under-eye concealer? What could possibly go wrong? I might also be bitter about the fact that you have to buy a special pencil sharpener just to use the thing. 

3. Tarte's Skintuitive Lip Crayon

I actually love lip balms that react to the body's pH levels. I just wish the shade my own pH levels made was something other than "go fuck yourself."

4. Too Faced's Better Than Sex mascara

I'm pretty sure that every single thing in the history of anything that's claimed to be better than sex is a big, fat, obnoxious lie. But you know what's definitely not better than sex? A shitty mascara that flakes onto my under-eye bags that already look like shit anyway.

 5. The Beauty Blender


C'mon, ya'll. A sponge is a sponge is a sponge. Or maybe it isn't. I don't know--I've never actually used the damn thing. But one thing I do know is that I don't need to be guilted into buying a $20 sponge by beauty bloggers who got the sponge for free. 

Bonus favorite:

Because I like ending on a positive note.



  1. When I saw this on my bloglovin' feed I had to do a double take lol. "Does that actually say forgettable five?" lol, I thought it was hilarious (and much more interesting then another friday favorites, just sayin').

    I'm a little upset the Better Than Sex mascara is actually not better than sex :/ I love Dulce Candy's channel and she raves about it. But then again she could have just gotten it for free & wanted to put in a good word... Hmmm.

    And I will continue to buy cheap, beauty-blender knock offs until I become youtube famous and am gifted with one, or someone randomly buys me one. Until then I'll stick with my $4.99 knock-off from Ulta.

    Happy Friday :)

  2. You know how much I love you, right? Also, THANKS FOR BUYING ME A BEAUTY BLENDER! Although, I never mastered it and threw it away in a fit of rage in favor of my hands. Whoops.

  3. This was way better than any Friday Favorites I've ever seen! You know what I think is forgettable? Those Almay eye products that are supposed to bring out the color of your eyes. LIES! Just because I have blue eyes doesn't mean I automatically want blue eyeshadow all over my lids!

  4. Oh my god, there's a cheap knock-off at Ulta? I knew I loved that store. I'm using the Sonia Kashuk one right now and even that at $12 seemed excessive. Which is weird that this is the product I draw the line on, since I'll gladly drop $20 or more on other beauty products, but I love gossmakeupartist's channel on YouTube and after this video: I've lost interest in getting a beauty blender.

    Also, it's probably still worth trying the Better than Sex mascara for yourself if you've seen rave reviews about it! I know I've disliked other mascaras I've read countless glowing reviews about, so I could just have weird lashes.

  5. WHAT? Did I really buy you a beauty blender? I don't remember that. Wait, didn't I get you the Sonia Kashuk version, like I have? I do like using make-up sponges but I always go in cycles where I'll use my hands for two months, then a brush, then back to the sponge.

    But I feel like it can make my skin look TOO air-brushed which in my opinion is kind of a bad thing... like you're just wearing too much make-up.

  6. I WAS IN LOVE WITH THOSE. My suggested colors were always variations of purple, which does look really pretty with brown eyes, but, like you said, it's just not a color I want to wear all that often. Didn't stop me from buying every palette they came out with, though.

  7. Just watched the video - the one I got from ulta looks exactly like the pink one he has! I noticed the beauty blender is more like, idk roundish? throughout in shape & mine has that kinda indent thing in the middle so I wasn't sure if that made a difference or anything (looking back now idk why I thought that lmao).

    But yeah Ulta's Beauty Sponge is pretty good! I've had it for a year and it's starting to kinda fall a apart, I guess? But it was like $4 so I'm not heartbroken lol. I want to try Real Technique's Miracle Complexion Sponge next, just because it's only like $1-2 more than the one I have, and I trust that brand more than Ulta's house brand.


  8. Um, yes, I still buy them, and then I never wear it because I don't like how it ends up looking. I'm actually a sucker for buying beauty products I never end up using.