Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Life lately

So on a scale of 1 to every-body-part-is-still-bloated, how much have you recovered from Thanksgiving? 

It basically felt like a week-long event for me, so I'm probably at a 5 or 6. 

Thanks to eating and eating and stuffing my face some more and then washing it all down with white wine, red wine and rosé, my productivity level has been at its all-time year low, but I'm slowly coming out of it, not least of all because I start a new job today.

That's right, I've got a JOB again.

This is going to be me when I get my first paycheck:


In other exciting news...

--The Walking Dead just aired its mid-season finale.

 Me while watching it.

[[WARNING: I'm not naming names, so these aren't really spoilers if you watched the promo for Sunday's episode (i.e. "some will fall"), but I'll be nice and tell you to stop reading if you're a slow-poke (i.e. my sister) and don't want to know anything about the episode.]]

Anyway. It's cool. My favorite character was cruelly killed in one of the most tense scenes I've ever watched on the show, but no biggie. I won't spend the next week crying myself to sleep or anything.

But, writers, can we please get Carol back? Please?

--The Kardashians released their yearly Christmas card. And they've really set the bar high this time. Of course I'm going to copy it.

via celebritygossipbyrangi
My favorite is Bruce in the tube.

--The Carrie Underwood Sound of Music extravaganza is this Thursday and I CAN.NOT.WAIT.

Not because I'm a huge Carrie fangirl, but because I really want to see if she'll wear her usual 20 pounds of make-up while in character and also it's live and Vampire Bill is involved.


--And in other, other news, my blog's in the middle of a redesign right now, so I'll probably be posting pretty sparsely until it's done. You should probably just read my blogging twin over at Thoroughly Modern instead or my real-life bestie at The Happy Type, who has been killing it lately. My recent favorite is Why I'll Never Trash Talk Your Blog. It's great and so is she.


  1. job? JOB? whoo hoo! congats! And 10 points for one of my favorite Arrested Development gifs.

  2. OMG WALKING DEAD!!!!!!! i was thinking that maybe carol would drive by and save the day but nope. but dayem..that was a seriously bonkers crazy episode!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. YESSS!! I was thinking to myself yesterday, "where the hell is katie? I need a new post so I can comment," and THEN I thought to myself "I bet she got a job! yay!" So congratulations but what a horrible way to start your new job, in mourning for that horrendous shitshow that was sunday night's walking dead episode. I'm still battling anxiety over it.
    p.s thanks for the shout out!

  4. Thanks! It's for a PR firm. And it's hard to say no to any Arrested Development gif...

  5. I know! I was so hoping she would make a reappearance and shoot the governor in the back. For a short second, I did really like that creepy little girl in that episode.

  6. Haha thanks, Kate! And oh my god, it's like you knew it was going to happen but I was so tense wishing it wouldn't. Ugh, people in the zombie apocalypse are the worst. Think what could be accomplished if power-hungry psychopaths were put down when they should be (I'm looking at Martinez so hard right now).

  7. Congratulations on your new job! I couldn't help but laugh out loud at you posting the Kardashian card, I just got done telling my boyfriend we needed to do something as edgy as theirs :D

  8. Every time someone shows an act of mercy, they get killed for it later on (literally--they die).

  9. Oh god, that's so true. I just need to pick Rick as my favorite character since I doubt they'll kill him anytime soon or at least not until the finale.

  10. Thanks, Jessica! And their cards are so ridiculous. Always. I wish I had relatives who actually sent cards out like that.