Friday, November 22, 2013

Winter twee in 7 easy steps

Step 1: Start with a patterned, high-waisted skirt. 

Step 2: Add a top in a different pattern. Bonus points if it has a peter pan collar. 

Bonus points if you also put up a photo where it looks like you have a very thin mustache.

Step 3: Throw a slouchy cardigan over it.

Step 4: Put on a wish-bone bracelet.  

Step 5: Add knit tights and black patent flats. 

 Step 6: Spoiler alert, you already saw Step 6. Sorry. Put on a brightly colored lipstick.

Step 7: Take a photo where you put your hands in your pocket and stand pigeon-toed. It'll be adorable. 

Extra points for the following: 

--a hair bow
--nail art
--mary jane's or oxfords (which reminds me that I have a pair and am now a huge failure)

And you're done! Unless you want to give some half-hearted nod to the fact that guys will hate this look as if you actually give a flying fuck.

Sidenote: I might have just made fun of this look, but you better believe I've worn it 500 times, including today*.

Another sidenote: I had the worst case of bitchface during this photo shoot. 

"What's your damage, girl?" ... is probably what some douchebag would ask me in a club.

If anyone cares, I got the cardigan, tights and shoes at Target, the skirt at Urban Outfitters, the blouse at a local boutique in Kansas, and the bracelet at Maurice's. Everything is old, which is why I never actually link anything. The lipstick is Revlon in the shade Lollipop.

My dog, who put up with my photoshoot with a look of confusion, would like to wish you a happy weekend:

*Wrote this ahead so today was Wednesday or something. Full disclosure and all that. 



  1. I'm the big loser who STILL doesn't own a shirt with a peter pan collar.
    p.s. If a guy in the club said "what's your damage Heather?" I would have been alll over that (before I was married, of course!) because I was all about guys who could handle their pop culture references.

  2. All I have to say is NAILED IT. Oh, and I love you.

  3. I loved that wish-bone bracelet!!! And I believe this may be the first time I have seen your dog on here. He is adorable, makes me want a dog so bad...

  4. The Peter Pan collar looks cute on you, but I almost always wear a v-neck or scoopneck due to big boobs. And I'll join in on the "I love that bracelet" comments!