Thursday, November 7, 2013

What Jeopardy has taught me about myself


1. I'm really knowledgeable about pop culture. Like, really knowledgeable. If I weren't too busy being so impressed with myself, I'd be embarrassed. 

2. I don't know anything about classical music. Nothing. My stock answers are Mozart and Beethoven and maybe Schumann if I want to look like I'm mildly trying.

3. I'm terrible at directions. What, this is the 5th time they've answered from the category where the  letters "ade" have to be included? Oh well just let me offer an answer for the fifth time that doesn't include any of those letters.

4. I hate small talk. Thanks Trebek and you awkward contestants for making me cringe without fail every-time during the meet-and-greet.

5. I can have a lot of self-doubt. Sometimes I don't care at all about shouting out what turns out to be a wrong answer and then other times, I'm pretty sure I know the answer but I'm too timid to say it out loud. And then it turns out it's right and no one else knew it, and then I could've looked smart for like 5 seconds. 5 whole seconds.

6. I don't like smug people. I once saw a Broadway musical where one of the actresses had a line where she mentioned her Louis Vuitton luggage and the noticeably pronounced way she said the name (VWEE-TAW) gave me the impression she was trying to educate the audience on how to say the word (you know, instead of VOO-TAWN). Anyway, I feel like Trebek does that a lot too. 

7. I am a fan of the motto, "go big or go home" when it comes to games. My favorite words in Jeopardy are, "Let's make this a true daily double, Alex."

8. I, too, am smug. When I get an answer none of the contestants get, I do the whole, "what? How did no one get that?" Ugh, shut up.
9. I'm way smarter than your average celebrity, but not smarter than the valedictorian of her high school (whatever, their knowledge is still fresh).
10.  I like underdogs. Oh? You only have $500 while your co-contestants are up to $12,000 by now? Don't worry, I'll cheer for you. 



  1. I loving knowing the answer to final Jeopardy but I hate it when no one is around to hear me get it right.

  2. I feel like the contestants prepare for the meet and greet by being asked to describe the most boring, asinine thing about their lives. And then they agonizingly draw it out for two minutes on live television.

  3. haha i like you more everyday. and that jeopardy snl spoof is the best thing ever.

  4. Hahah, I know! Such a letdown. I mean what is the point of Jeopardy, if not to look smart in front of other people?

  5. God, yes. The details are SO dull. "Eh, so I hear you're an accountant who collects calculators?" Okay, heard enough.

  6. Haha, thanks! And I think the jeopardy spoof was my favorite SNL thing as a kid. I was debating between the Sean Connery pic and Norm MacDonald as Burt Reynolds.

  7. You crack me up more and more every time I read your posts! I feel like I would be a fabulous Family Feud, seriously. Fast Money is my game. Not too sure about how I'd do on Jeopardy...

  8. Oh don't worry--I'd be the contestant who couldn't make it into final Jeopardy because I had negative points. Not sure I'd be good at Family Feud either!