Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday slump: Life after 25

If you didn't know, I've made it past a quarter of a century (no not recently, okay? It happened a couple Septembers ago) and I've wanted to write for awhile about how life changes past 25.

I mean, no, it doesn't change ALL that much, but there are some little things you should probably prepare for if you haven't reached my age yet.

But I don't want to make this all doom and gloom because a) who really listens to that stuff? and b) there are plenty of ways life gets better mid-way through your 20s that I'm also happy to share.

First though, the stuff to look out for:

--All you skinny minnies who eat whatever you want, don't gain a pound and don't know what a treadmill is? Yeah, that's going to change. One day you'll wake up and that huge meal you had at Boston Market (what, like you don't overeat there?) will suddenly just stick in your gut... and stay there. Obviously your worth isn't in your weight, so you shouldn't go on some unhealthy crash diet or cleanse, because that's not at all what I'm suggesting. But just know your amazing metabolism will one day stop being amazing. I'm telling you this because I didn't believe it either.

And I know it sounds like bullshit for me to warn you that you won't always be effortlessly skinny and then tell you but your weight doesn't define you, but I got a little too comfortable in my effortless thin-ness and it was kind of a rude awakening. I just don't want you to be the person who looks in the mirror one day and realizes that what she thought was a scratch on her butt is really a stretch-mark (i.e. me. That person was me).

--As each year passes, it will become decidedly less bohemian of you not to have a life plan. Your friends will be on cooler career tracks and go on cool vacations seemingly all the time and you'll be scraping to get by because you chose to travel after college instead of immediately jumping into your career. And again, by you, I mean me. I always mean me.

--People younger than you will think nothing of saying stuff like, "oh god, I'm turning 23 this year. I'm getting so old." EYE-ROLL. (kind of like the eye-roll I'm expecting people older than 26 to make after reading this)

--Your bills will only get worse here on out. Oh hi, school-loan bill, phone bill and mortgage. Yeah no, I don't have a mortgage. I barely even know what that is.

--And, I'd say the pressure to have kids, but I haven't really gotten any. It probably helps that my sister has already popped out one and she's the cutest of the cute (no that's not bias, it's just true). 

But you know what just gets better?

--With each year, you become more and more confident with who you are. You'll start accepting your faults and you'll know your weaknesses and how to out-smart them.

--You'll be in charge of your own life. You want to buy that stupid painting for your living room? Do it! There's no one tell you no. (except maybe a spouse who thinks you have shitty taste)

--You'll stop giving a fuck about the little insecurities you had in high school that you thought were the end of the world. Someone wants to give you the bitchy once-over? As IF.

--You'll still be at an age where you can drink a lot and go out with friends and it's not you shirking responsibilities, but you being a young person in your late 20s.

--And, related, drinking wine every night is kind of the late twenty-something thing to do.

I've also noticed that I just don't care nearly as much about getting all dolled up like I used to. Only a few months ago, I wouldn't go out in public without a full face of make-up and now I'm fine with a little foundation and some mascara (always mascara).

But that may have to do with the fact that I spend most of my days on my computer in leggings and a thermal.

All I'm saying is that aging can be weird, but fun and also kind of depressing.



  1. i LOVE this because it's ALLLL TRUE. just wait till you get to my age (38) and you'll be a cranky old biatch just like me ha!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Omg me and my friends were having a conversation sort of like this the other day! We were basically saying how some women, when their younger, have plans to get married at a certain young age (21-22ish) but then they change their mind (i.e. me). And I think a lot of it has to do with at 17 you think by the time you get to 22 you'll have your life together, because after all 22 seems so old and mature! But then you actually get there - you're still in school (on the 5 year plan), barely have money, working a job that isn't that great, and all the while trying to maintain your sanity lol. And then you're just like, "I pictured this going differently in my head...." haha.

  3. too funny... i was recently chatting with some new (22 year old) friends, and they asked how old i was. i said 27. they responded with looks of shock and "OMG NO WAY... we thought you were like 23." sigh. 27 is still young!! haha.

    i love the list of all that gets better--so true!

  4. Wait until you hit 36 - you'll be even more yourself and more comfortable than ever before, and sometimes you'll go out even without mascara. There are perks to aging!

  5. for me, i think a lot has changed. i just didnt really notice it until i sat back and realized OH YEAHH. so true about not eating anything you want. but drinking wine every night- i can't NOT. its my medicine.

  6. Haha, I do look forward to giving less of a fuck as each year passes.

  7. Haha, definitely. You think you know everything at 17 and you realize even a couple years later you were completely wrong. I definitely thought at 17 I'd be somewhere else at my age now, but I guess that's life!

  8. Haha, yes, I hate when people act like late twenties is so old. At least I can rent a car by myself!

  9. Haha, sounds good! I'm also hoping to become much more financially stable with each passing year. That'd be nice.

  10. I can't not either. There is nothing better than relaxing at the end of the night with a glass of wine in front of the TV.

  11. And I'll add, wait until you hit 46 (which will happen to me in 8 days). All those "better" things are even betterER.

  12. i'm a 23 year old trapped in an post 25 year old body, as i can totally relate to all of these haha!

  13. Haha, you'll be totally prepared then!

  14. I am 23 and can I just say that I loved this list.

  15. How did I miss this post? I'm feeling the burn of being in your late twenties (and by late, I mean I'm 26), but I agree, you definitely get more confident as you age. Also, perfectly normal conversation at a dinner party is about the various bennies you get at your job, like health insurance, vacation time, etc, and nobody even notices how boring that topic is.

  16. Hahaha. So true. Well as long as we don't realize how boring we get as we age, I guess it's okay.