Thursday, November 21, 2013

Throwback Thursday: That time I put gold-leaf on my nails

Oh, hi, that's just gold leaf on my nails. No biggie.

Remember that time I put gold-leaf on my nails?
Well I do. 
It took two hours (at least), it got everywhere and it didn't really look that great. But I was taken in by THIS tutorial from The Beauty Department (never again, ladies) and with dreams of greatness, I bought not only a booklet of gold leaf, but also of silver leaf. You know, just to have.

Their version is gorgeous, right? All of their manicure ideas are adorable. They're nail geniuses. 

And I have that teal nail polish they used, but I thought it would also look pretty with this orangey-coral I had (which just looks really orange in photos) and it was all downhill from there. Not because the coral was a bad choice, but because, well...


Probably the same people who eat gold shavings on their hamburgers. And, well, me. 

And also people who don't use their hands for anything ever. 
Why is it such a bad idea?

Only because gold-leaf is crazy delicate and once you actually manage to cut it into properly shaped triangles and place it on your nail, chances are you're just going to chip it within an hour of applying it just by living and using your hands to do normal hand things.

If you even make it to that step and don't completely fuck up placing the little triangles on your nails and give up in a blind rage because you keep messing your polish up. 

And now I have two nearly full packets of gold and silver-leaf because the pay-off isn't good enough to attempt this manicure again. If only I liked to gold-leaf things.
And the worst part? All I have to document the labor and heartache is this one shitty, blurry cellphone photo. 
What about you? Any misguided attempts to copy the work of someone 100 percent superior to you? (Sorry I had to word it like that.)


  1. i've never tried this but now I want to. Mostly because I want to use the tag "goldleafbitches"

  2. i'm way lazy to do anything fancy like that. if something takes more than like, 10mins to do, i'm out. ain't nobody got time fo' dat! :D

  3. Well, the blurry photo looks great! I feel like this is me anytime I attempt a DIY project.

  4. I give you maaaad props for trying this one out...because I would have given-up after 2.5 seconds. It does look great though!

  5. Thanks, Kayli! It was a fun manicure, but so not worth the time!

  6. I think I've blocked that from my memory. But I know it didn't look nearly as good as my left hand!

  7. i am just the worst in general at painting my nails so i stay away. literally i never paint them. i suck.

  8. Haha, I've kept them bare for a few weeks and it was really nice not to deal with them.

  9. Cute! I love this twee outfit. And you're right - you can never go wrong with a Peter Pan collar. And I love that wishbone bracelet too!

  10. Thanks! People make fun of peter pan collars for being childish, but they are just so cute. I'd link to the wishbone bracelet but I don't see it on Maurices website anymore!