Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The thing about commenting on other blogs...

I feel like getting meta today because it's Wednesday, and though that's not actually a good reason, I'm just going to run with it.

If only I looked so handsome winking. (via)

So here goes.

The thing about commenting on other blogs...

 ... is that I put way too much thought into it.

And, also, I suck at it.

I don't comment on nearly enough, but then when I do I can spend several minutes thinking of how to basically write what every other commenter has written but in a new way, because really I don't have anything original to add, but I want to somehow show my support.

I see the short, "oh this is awesome!" comments and then think, "why can't I just do that?" But then I think, no, I want to show them I actually read the post and connected to it.

But someone has probably already said it better than me, so I throw in something they didn't mention.

What was that? Yeah, I'm neurotic... about commenting on other people's blogs.

I'm not alone, am I?

There are a few blogs I read every morning and typically comment on every day (oh hey, twin, i.e. Kate at Thoroughly Modern, and my go-to girl-crush Helene), but sometimes when I go through my daily roll, I'll quickly glance over the comments and see one person who has replied to EVERY blog I read.

How are they everywhere at once? How do they have the energy?

I'm already impressed by the bigger bloggers I read who respond to all of their comments when they get 40+ each day.

Let's not even get into when you're commenting on a "big" blog and you have had no previous interaction with the blogger so you want to make sure your comment is clever or something that'll stand out. Hours spent on that. Okay, no not hours. But more minutes than was necessary.

Who knew only a few lines could require so much thought?

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  1. is that person me all over blogland? because i swear, it is. i carve out 2hrs of my morning to read and comment on all of my blogs; it's how i start my day.

    as for commenting, i put a lot of thought into my comments and i write them exactly how i think (aka brain dump) but more to let the blogger know that i read their stuff. i think one-liner, generic comments like "Great post!" or "love it" aren't sincere enough and i KNOW that 99.9% of those comments are not from the person actually reading the content!

    anyway, i typically read the post and then pick one thing that resonated with me and comment on that topic.

    -kathy Vodka and Soda

  2. TWINSIES! You're not alone Katie--it's called being a perfectionist. There are few of us out there, and we have to stick together. I agonize over every detail of my blog, right down to the size of my pictures, and OF COURSE I need to leave the best comments ever. Tough life being perfect, I tell ya.

  3. First of all, IDRIS! Be still my heart! Also, I used to fear commenting with a vengeance but now it's one of my favorite things to do (maybe because I never realized how much bloggers actually like receiving comments, no matter how short and sweet). My approach is just to pretend that I'm already bff's with the blogger and write like I'm talking to a dear old friend. That helps take the heebie jeebies out of such a public discourse for me (and calms my introverted side).

  4. I am the same exact way. I try to carve out an hour a day to read and comment on other blogs. It's only fair to spend some time spreading the comment love when you hope to get comments on your blog. But I only want to comment if I can actually contribute.

    Occasionally I stare at a blog for 10 minutes trying to think of what to comment and then I give up and click away. I feel kind of bad about that usually...

  5. I'm with you, sometimes I read but don't comment. I have nothing witty or brilliant to say, that doesn't mean I didn't like what I read it means I just don't know who to express it.

    I feel like it's easier to comment if a blogger ends with a question though, that way I can provide them with an opinion on something they really want to know.

  6. i am with oyu. i really try and comment. but sometimes i just don't even have a thought to contribute! and i feel you, oh cool! no i won't just say that.

  7. I usually stick with what I know when I comment, if I like your shoes, I'll say so, even if the post had nothing to do with your shoes pictured, I'm just shoe obsessed (but not in a creepy way) But there are times when I've read the post and feel my usually kind of commenting isn't enough and if I don't think of anything to say in a few seconds I just don't comment that day.


    Fashion and Happy Things

  8. Haha, I haven't noticed your comments everywhere but now I'm going to look out! And I try to do that too where I just write what I would say in person. I just hate being the 50th person to say the same thing!

  9. It really is, isn't it? Thanks for understanding, twin.

  10. I know! SO handsome. And you're right, I love the comments I get no matter how short, so I probably shouldn't be too neurotic about the own comments I leave, but I like that approach it like a conversation tip. I typically try to do that!

  11. Haha, right? But I still want to show the person I read and enjoy their blog. I think I need to just stop over-thinking it!

  12. Haha, I do that too. Sometimes there is just really nothing to add. But I agree--I definitely think you should put in what you want to get back, so I always try to comment on at least a good handful each day.

  13. Yeah, that's true. It is easy to go off a question. And I probably don't comment on at least 25% of the blogs I read daily, but I still like what I'm reading!

  14. Haha, yeah. Super generic comments just seem like a waste of time to write, and then what do you even write back with? I hate just saying, "oh thanks!"

  15. Haha, and I like that--if you can't thinking of anything to say in a couple seconds, maybe you're just forcing it. I think way too much about this.

  16. I don't comment all the time, but when I do I similarly like to make sure the comment is of substance. My trick is to never read the comments before mine... that way, I have NO clue if I'm repeating something. However, I can make sure that my comment is personal, meaningful, and shows the blogger that I took a moment out of my day to read their post and that I appreciated it. As a blogger, that's really all I care about in my comments -- the fact that someone cared enough to read a post and give me meaningful feedback.

    I agree though -- all those, "I like this post." comments drive me mad! I'm like... "Did you even have to read it to write that?"


  17. I always want to comment when I read because I want bloggers to know I read it, but sometimes I have no words to shine up into a few sentences. Even if I enjoyed it, I might have nothing to add. So I will occasionally just post "Loved this/thank you/I agree." It can come off like that B didn't read it and just threw something out there, but I truly did read it and just sort of want to give it a like like it was on facebook.

  18. Katie, thanks for writing about this - I definitely relate here!! While I've been blogging for about a year, I'm still getting over my fear of commenting. It seems like a process that will get easier, but I have to push myself to put the comment out there, otherwise I end up just skimping on them. I like Amy's technique - addressing people like old friends - kind of like picturing them in their underwear! :P

  19. I agree, it is is hard to figure out what whitty thing you should write. I hate when I get 1,000+ page views though and only a dozen comments so I try and always leave comments!

    Sparkles and Shoes