Monday, November 25, 2013

The perfect Thanksgiving meal

For Americans, Thanksgiving is in just a few short days, but in lieu of me actually cooking or being any kind of a domestic goddess, I thought I'd just share what would be on my table in a perfect world.

1. Deviled eggs, duh. I used to be scared of yolk so I'd squeeze out the insides, but I'm not that fool anymore and, like Ron Swanson, my ideal situation would be having my own tray.

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2. Sweet potatoes with marshmallows, brown sugar and pecans. It's dessert, but it's not technically, so you can still eat five slices of your mom's pumpkin pie and only feel a little bit bad.

Leave it to Williams-Sonoma to class up this classic dish. (via)

3. A big bowl of sweet corn, slightly buttered and seasoned to perfection. Or alternately, corn on the cob. But there will be no bacon, cheese or any other ingredient added to this dish.

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4. Corn chowder. This is where we can get fancy, okay?

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5. Cornbread. Yeah, I like corn. Who doesn't?

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6. Roasted Brussels sprouts. If there is any vegetable from our youth that we are supposed to terrified of, it's the Brussels sprout. But damn it, if they aren't delicious roasted.

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7.  Ham as the main dish. Is that sacrilege? I just like ham so much better than turkey. And Nigella Lawson has this amazing ham recipe where you cook the ham in coke and molasses and brown sugar and it gets the best glaze, and do I really need to go on? 
via Cookstr. (photo by Francesca Yorke)
8. Pumpkin pie. It's tradition for a reason. 

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9. Oh, and also this:

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Like I wouldn't have some chocolate cream pie too.

So, what's missing?

--mashed potatoes. More room for sweet potatoes, you understand.
--green bean casserole. Sorry, Logan. 
--turkey (okay, okay, I'll eat turkey too)
--brightly colored fruit and marshmallow mixtures (though I will eat that if you put it in front of me, because who doesn't like eating bright pink things?)
--stuffing (never been a fan)
--and, cranberry sauce (I know, throw me out already). 

But enough about my awesome taste in Thanksgiving food. What are you looking forward to?



  1. I like the focus on corn and I'm sure that this time you would make the best cornbread....because you know, REDEMPTION is totally needed from your last fiasco. Also, I want to eat allllll of this.

  2. yes, i second the mac/cheese. my friend made her own mac/cheese and it was so good that kayla and i fought over it. kayla is 5. i fought with my own 5yr old over who got to eat the last piece! hey, when it comes to yummy food, it's every person for themselves!

    -kathy Vodka and Soda

  3. I have to have my pecan pie! I'm also a fan of stuffing, sweet potato casserole (minus the marshmallows), and rolls. I will stuff my face full of rolls.

  4. I love love chocolate cream pie at Thanksgiving. My cousin always makes and says she makes it especially for me. I also enjoy turkey and plenty of rolls.

  5. Deviled eggs and pumpkin pie are an absolute must!

  6. I would not come to your thanksgiving. You left out all the best stuff! Turkey is a must and stuffing is like dessert at dinner. I'll agree we can leave cranberry sauce out as long as the yams go with it. yuck.

    My husband would like your kind of thanksgiving more than mine though too... maybe I just have strange taste buds.

    New follower - { Raspy Wit }

  7. i loooove sweet potatoes. i think they might be my favorite. now im hungry.

  8. IT ONLY HAPPENED BECAUSE I CARED TOO MUCH. Besides I'm not making anything this time. I only plan on wearing my big girl pants and eating.

  9. Couldn't you tell from the marshmallow sweet potatoes and two pies that I was trying to keep this healthy? I will accept mac n cheese though, as long as it doesn't have bacon or breadcrumbs on top.

  10. Hahah. Home-made mac n' cheese is sooo good, I don't blame you.

  11. You're right, I should've added just home-y dinner rolls to the menu and not just cornbread. Mmm, I want some. I will gladly take pecan pie too.

  12. I think chocolate cream pie is my favorite of all pies. Ever.

  13. YES. You can come to my dinner and we can share.