Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday confessions

RIP Tyra show. I'm still grieving. (via)

No, I'm not obsessed with pooping. WTF is your problem, Veronica? But if there's any day to get confessional, it's a Friday so all the dumb things I tell you will be forgotten after your drunk ass downs your fifth jager bomb tonight. 

I was actually planning on doing a beauty basics post on the perfect at-home manicure today, but then I realized that I would have to sort through and edit a bunch of photos and I lost all my will. Kind of like this puppy:

Chin up, kid. (via)
So here we are. Let's get confessional!

1. I discovered about a month or so ago that there are videos of people cracking their joints on Youtube and now I watch them at night before I go to bed. I think it's weird. My boyfriend thinks it's weird. And Youtube commenters think it's weird. Whatever. At least I'm not into zit-popping. 

2. I was so timid as a kid that one time when I was peeing in a stall in the girl's bathroom at my elementary school, I flipped shit after a teacher came in to use the bathroom because I knew kids weren't supposed to be in there with teachers. In a moment of brilliance, I curled up on the floor of the stall, hoping she wouldn't notice me. She did and thought I was sick or something. I'm surprised "weirdo Katie" didn't become my nickname.

3. Once when I was about 11, I was on a plane with only my sister, and I had to pee so bad I started crying. Unfortunately for my bladder, the fasten your seatbelt sign was lit for nearly the entire last half of the flight because of turbulence. The guy sitting next to us asked me what was wrong but just figured I was glad to be home.

4. I didn't realize I had so many stories related to peeing, but another time I was hiking with my mom and sister and really had to go, so I chose a spot out in nature that no one seemed to be near. I do my business and am cleaning up when I turn around to two people standing behind me. If I had a tail it would've been between my legs as I ran away.

5. I used to play "ladies who lunch" when I was a tween by myself when no one else was at home. I would sit in the kitchen and pretend I was a group of thirty-somethings having lunch together. I pictured what everyone looked like by flipping through clothing-store catalogs. I got the idea from The First Wives' Club, which my sister and I obsessively watched.

6. Once I was video-taping my niece with a flip cam when she was only several months old and I accidentally dropped it on her and she started crying but no one else saw it and I pretended like I didn't know why she was crying. 

7. The first time I got drunk was on a dare from my sister. If I drank a whole bottle of champagne, she would get me Boston Market the next day. It was delicious. 

8. I automatically dislike people who say shit like, "oh don't mind me, I'm crazy," after you've been introduced to them.

9. I was so shy in high school that I didn't have my first kiss until college. I was super hot though in high school (gawky, bone-thin and freckles, come and get me boys) so I'm sure plenty of guys were into me, which is why I like to think of myself as a heartbreaker during that period.

10. I used to be like Catherine Zeta Jone's character in America's Sweethearts where even if she didn't want something (like a dress), she didn't want anyone else (like her sister) to have it. God, I was the worst.

11. Once when my sister was nursing her daughter, my mom made a joke about my sister drinking chocolate milk so that it'd come out for my niece too, and I didn't realize it was a joke at first and maybe thought it was possible before logic set in.

12. I ate an entire box of shelled edamame once before I learned you are only supposed to eat the beans and not the shells. I was older than 20.


  1. OMG, the first time I had edamame was at a Japanese restaurant and they gave it to us because our food was taking so long. Neither my friend nor I knew what it was so we just started eating it with the shells. We finally asked the server because we wondered why they were comping something that tasted so bad!

  2. LOL number 2, oh my God. The things we think of to get out of trouble as kids are always so nonsensical. This was hilarious!

  3. HAHAHA, this entire list makes me so happy to know that I am not alone in doing/thinking extremely weird things haha. Omg, this was so perfect & has immediately lifted my mood. I was seriously laughing the entire list, lol. This is gold.

  4. Haha! I mean you eat plenty of greens in their shells (snap peas, green beans) so who knew it was any different? I probably should've caught on before I finished the box, because the shells are so tough... but, oops.

  5. I still can't believe I was that ridiculous. She knew I was in there when she walked in. As if I would've gotten in trouble for finishing and then just leaving the bathroom, but I was so silly and scared of getting yelled at.

  6. I deleted the video I was taking of her so there was no evidence, but it would probably be pretty funny to watch now.

  7. Haha, thanks Zauni! Glad you liked it. I still think the weirdest thing I shared is #1.

  8. #1 is a little weird. haha i have never heard of that... #11 made me laugh bc i would think that for a second too. this is a good list. real good.

  9. hahaha I'm dying over here. awkwardly laughing out loud by myself in my cubical. #12 and #6 are my fave.

  10. It's so weird. But I have this obsession with wanting to go to a chiropractor so they'll pop all my joints, and I found all these videos after searching youtube for chiropractor stuff. I know I'll have hit rock-bottom when I start uploading my own videos.

  11. If my sister reads my blog today, this is the first time she'll find out about #6. Oh well.

  12. Hahahaha. I love picturing you dropping that camera on a baby and just acting like it didn't happen!! Hilarious.

  13. It's good she wasn't at an age where she could rat me out, because I probably would've gotten an earful from my sister!