Thursday, October 10, 2013

Travel thursday?

So last night I planned to write a brand new post for today but then crème brûlée happened and making it and eating it was completely exhausting. (I don't know why I put that in a larger font other than to be obnoxious.)

But then I remembered the ultimate cheat available to bloggers who have guest posted on other blogs. And yes, I just resisted the urge to find some appropriate gif to go under that statement because I feel like I've been using them too much lately (is that possible? It is right?).

So today I'm publishing a post that originally appeared on Kayli Wanders a few weeks ago. It's about travel. You were planning on doing that soon right?

Most of my worthwhile travel stories come from when I lived in Australia for seven months following college graduation.  But, don’t worry, I won’t recap the trip month by month.

Instead, dun dun dun, I’ve made a handy dos and don’ts list for traveling based on my own experiences. Slap me if I get too preachy.

DO travel alone if you can help it. Traveling by yourself is so freeing and it completely forces you to come out of your comfort zone. I was a dumb, shy girl when I flew into Sydney, and though I’m still a dumb, shy girl, I knew that if I didn’t make friends I would be lonely and miserable. So I worked it. (Yeah we’ll just call it that). And, for me, it really helped to find a job working with a bunch of other backpackers. They are as transient as you and make perfect, future travel buddies.

DO consult a doctor when necessary, especially if your foot swells up to three times its size. I didn’t do this, and though it turned out fine, it was REALLY dumb.
From left: foot before swelling, foot nice and swollen and foot after worst of it went down.
I cut my foot on a line of rope being used to hold down one corner of a tent one drunken night while staying on Fraser Island on the east coast of Australia. It was no biggie until someone spilled his glass of liquor onto the cut days later.

After that, it started swelling and looking just generally terrible. What did I do? I bought over-the-counter antiseptic and was satisfied when it appeared to make the cut a little less angry. Luckily, zoologists at a wildlife sanctuary gave me a vial of strong antiseptic used for visitors who are scratched by koalas after they were rather concerned about how red my foot looked.

What did all these signs point to? The doctor’s door! Why didn’t I go? Because I’m stupid. Don’t be like me.

But, P.S., it was totally worth walking on that foot to hold this koala:

DON’T let your bad mood ruin what should be an awesome experience.

I am so guilty of this while snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef outside of Cairns. I was NOT in the mood (first day of my lady time, as we’ll call it) and I was NOT having fun.

In fact, visiting that reef is one of the least favorite things I did on the trip. I couldn’t swim in the flippers, I couldn’t keep up with the tour guide and I felt totally crappy. For the last half of the trip (it was a day thing), I sat on the top deck while my friend swam down below with some guy she met.

Not cool, Katie. So I guess an addendum DO is to always be prepared, especially if that means pack your darn Midol.

These are the eyes of misery:

DON’T give strangers your name, number and address on a slip of paper even if they are super attractive while out at a bar--which is something my friend/roomie did very drunkenly while out near our Melbourne apartment. Yes, the person she gave it to was very attractive. But I think, just the name and number would have sufficed. (I love you, Liz!)

DO appreciate all of the gorgeous sights around you:



  1. Great tips. Really enjoyed reading through your post. I just saw "creme brulee" mentioned on bloglovin summary when I was going through the posts I haven't read. I had a bowl of caramel pudding in my hand, and I was like "it's a sign. I should read this post" :)

  2. looooooove this! and yes, don't let a bad mood ruin it. i haven't traveled alone. i need to do that.

  3. I am in love with all travel typo posts so woah . I never travelled alone so I can't tell you how exciting it must be . And...these... pictures are gorg !!!!

  4. Yeah, I think traveling alone is probably a post-college thing to do, but it's definitely exciting!

  5. Haha, yes, I am still so annoyed that I didn't appreciate the reef more!

  6. Haha, I love that that's how you got here! Just hope you're not disappointed there wasn't more about creme brulee. :)