Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The beginner blogger's dream giveaway

Okay, I can't wait 'til tomorrow to put this on the blog, because I'm too excited to share the Go Forth and Blog Giveaway! created by The Happy Type.

It's the perfect giveaway for beginner bloggers and includes prizes like a free blog design and a year subscription to Passionfruit Ads, but I'll let Crystal take it away...

From The Happy Type:

Happy, happy, Tuesday! I hope everyone's week is going well and that you've put on your game face to take on the week with purpose, and to help you keep your momentum going I'm hosting a giveaway! I really wanted to do my best to make a giveaway that was all about empowering the new blogger by giving them every last thing they need to take on the blogging world like a rock star! So, I got together with some of my best blogging buds and put together the Go Forth & Blog Giveaway! Anyone who has taken the leap of courage and faith to start their own blog knows that blogging and just being vulnerable to the entire internet can be ridiculously intimidating. The new blogger has a ton of things on their mind like:

"What do I blog about?"
"Who's the best designer to get my blog looking rad?"
"Where the blazes do I get awesome fonts?"
"How do I pick a blog name?"
"What's the cut off for too many food pictures or pictures of my dog on instagram?"
So, to help the newbie blogger feel more in control and able to take the blogging world by storm the Go Forth & Blog Giveaway was born! Before we get started with all the great blogger loot, meet the amazing ladies (and blogging queens) who have contributed to this insanely generous giveaway!

Party it up with me for a month of free sponsorship! We'll make some awesome magic happen!

Amber from And Yes To Joy is providing her amazing talent for a COMPLETE blog redesign, and is even signing up to answer any questions that a new blogger may have. You'll be entitled to a full blog consultation covering the topics of content, SEO, tips and tricks for the best blogging experience, and pretty much any other topic that your little heart dreams up.
Here are a few samples of Amber's work:
hellotheme(1) goldensunpre(1)

1 year of Passionfruit membership to make all that blog sponsorship business easy peasy, a 15 dollar Starbucks gift card to keep you caffeinated and blogging strong, and finally the Blogging, Inc. E-book to help demystify the blogging world.

a Rafflecopter giveaway  

Rules: 1. The validity of the winner’s entries will be verified by me and if any entries are false a new winner will be selected. 2. Winner will be contacted no later than the 10th. Winner will have 48 hours to respond, if winner does not respond with 48 hours a new winner will be notified by email. 3. Sit back and relax because you have some amazing blog love coming your way, honey buns.

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