Tuesday, October 22, 2013

That don't impress me much (part 2)

I think it's time for another round of That Don't Impress Me Much, because I haven't used eye-roll gifs in awhile and that's a damn shame.

And also because I wanted to share this photo of Shania:


If you don't own a leopard print bra and a silk (polyester?) bomber jacket with matching pants, then what are you doing with your life? (sidenote: halloween costume idea #1). 

So what haven't I been impressed with lately? Oh, only this:

--Forgetting to shave part of my leg in the shower. 

--When I lose my chapstick for the millionth time even though I own at least ten different ones.

--That moment I realize my boxed wine is getting pretty light.

--When you can see someone has seen your Facebook message and they still don't respond until three days later.

--Guy Fieri. In general. My heart always sinks when I turn to the Food Network with high hopes and oh, look, he's on.

--When my boyfriend isn't nearly as interested in watching House Hunters as I am.

--Failing miserably during an attempt to copy youtube beauty gurus. (But did I really expect not to?)

--That I don't own every MAC product on earth like the gurus.

--How The Voice keeps messing around with the format of the show when the only thing they need to deal with is that the show is WAY TOO LONG. Sorry, tuned out the 50th time Hulu went to commercial.

--Realizing my exercise schedule is going to go to shit once I actually have a job.

--The Duggars. Yes, the Duggars. Take your 19 J-named kids and go home, Jim Bob. 

--This. But only because I really want to do it my own lips, and I know it won't look nearly as cool.


Please add to the list and let's keep this eye-roll train going. 


  1. Okay...who doesn't love Shania?! Gah. And amen with the MAC beauty products! In my dreams...

  2. Haha, I know. A little too expensive! I would like a couple of their make-up brushes for sure though. But not until I have a little income! (and I don't know who dislikes Shania, but I don't want to know them)

  3. Seems all BF's are uninterested in House Hunters! And still I make mine sit with me a pick which one!!