Friday, October 18, 2013

Sephora understands true love

Can we talk for a second about our beauty favorites? 

Because I don't know when Sephora started making their Lash Stash value sets, but I love them like they are my children. (and no this post is not sponsored!)

I've bought or received as a gift the previous two before they released this one and they are probably my favorite thing Sephora offers.

The whole set is $45 and includes two-full size mascaras and then about eight sample size mascaras. But even though they are the sample sizes, each will last for at least a few weeks and contain enough product so you'll be able to tell whether you like it or not. Plus, it's Sephora, so they are nice brands, you brand-whore.

Recently they started adding fake lashes, which is convenient because I wear fake lashes... never. But I guess it's nice to have as an option? 

The reason I'm writing about it now is that, well, it just came in the mail and I almost spontaneously combusted waiting for it. 

I had to stop myself from opening every tube right away because beauty bloggers always warn you about mascara drying out (buzzkills, I know).

But I know I won't be able to help myself from trying a new one every day.

I always buy these mascara sets with the best of intentions--i.e. "oh yeah, this will totally help me figure out which mascara I like best and then I'll just buy it from now on! Totes!"

But, uh no. I like variety way too much. Which is why even though I love Lancome's Teint Miracle foundation, I'm still going to try Clinique's CC cream next. YOU CAN'T BOX ME IN.

And now that I've gotten three of these things, I can be the annoying friend who has an opinion on every mascara you use. Obviously because I'm an expert now. 

I don't know how I didn't already dedicate five paragraphs to this, but I LOVE mascara, which might be akin to saying, "I like cake," but if there was one make-up item I would splurge on or only one piece of make-up I could wear, it would be--you guessed it--mascara.

My all-time favorite is Diorshow Iconic (not the one with the huge wand, but the one with the silicone bristles). But it's nearly $30 a bottle, so I don't really make a habit of buying it. So I think it's just peachy that for $15 more I can get 10 mascaras to try and maybe love.

What about you? What's your favorite mascara?


  1. Sephora and their sets are totally addicting! I used to shop there every month before I had anything else to do with my money :)

    My favorite mascaras have always been Lancome or Maybelline but recently I switched to LUSH mascara which is made with wheatgrass. It definitely has a more natural look but it has totally helped my lashes grow longer.

    Since you're obsessed with mascara have you heard this business about having to toss 'em out every three months because of bacteria?

  2. I love Sephora's sets!! Mascara is my beauty must-have too and I love trying them all out!!! I'll have to try Diorshow if I win the, but really, I'll probably just budget out my grocery bill and buy this instead. Mascara>Food

  3. Ooh, I love Lush! Well their soaps at least. I didn't know they had make-up! The fact that you said it's made your lashes grow makes me really curious, but I'm kind of wary of natural mascara b/c I really like very dark black defined mascara.

    And, haha, yes I have heard of having to toss mascaras, but I always ignore it! Nothing terrible has happened yet!

  4. Haha, exactly! Why eat when your eyelashes could look so pretty? (and aren't Sephora's sets the best? I wish I could buy all of them)

  5. Ooh I've never tried that one! I'll have to remember it.

  6. Lancôme HYPNÔSE!!!!

    Because I'm a classy, classy lady. Duh.

  7. Tarte's Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara Gifted, hands down. I tried Diorshow and has a teeeerible reaction, it made my eyes swell huge for a week and peel really really bad. It was so bad I couldn't take off my sunglasses for a week.

  8. Hahaha, yeah-yeah it's in the box. Also: LANCOME WHORE.

  9. Oh no! That sounds terrible! I love Tarte's eyeliner and I'm pretty sure I tried one of their mascaras before, but I can't remember which it was. I'll have to look out for that one though. I can't say enough how much I love trying new mascaras.

  10. Gosh, I love Sephora. It does not surprise me at all they created such an awesome lash set. I need something like this in my life!

  11. Haha--not gonna lie. It's pretty magical.

  12. I'm a big fan of Bobbi Brown's party mascara or Lancome Defincils or Benefit They're Real. I need variety too! But for real...can someone give me 45 bucks?!

  13. I've tried the last two but I'll have to look into the Bobbi Brown one. And all I have to say is go beg someone for an early (late?) birthday present!

  14. I'll have to try this sometime. I pretty much won't leave the house without mascara but I've had the worst luck lately ending up with smudges under my eyes after about an hour. So annoying!

  15. That is annoying. I haven't had any issues with smudging with any of the mascaras smudging in this box, but I noticed a couple are kind of flaky, which personally drives me nuts!

  16. From this box, the Too-Faced one seemed a bit flaky/dull. I don't think I've ever really liked a Too-Faced mascara though. And I haven't loved some Benefit mascaras in the past either, though I don't think the Yes, They're Real! one is bad about that.

    I haven't tried the Sephora brand one in this box yet, but I haven't like theirs in the past for flakiness either.

    But I can say, with this box, that the Tarte, YSL, Blinc, Clinique and Lancome ones have been good about not flaking.