Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A note on Halloween costumes

Yes, that's me. The mean witch.

Is it too early to start talking about Halloween?

Or do you all know what you're going to be?

I don't have photo evidence, but I've had some pretty cool costumes in my past, especially when my mom was still sewing them.

One year I was an awesome genie, another I was Cruella Deville, and another I was a vaguely retro 60s girl wearing this short, plaid dress I got from Friends. (eh? eh? anyone remember that store?)

Halloween used to be my favorite "holiday" because that's just how much I love candy. 

But in my twenties, I have either completely skipped out or my costumes have been pretty simple, typically with me pulling something together from stuff I already own, à la this:

Thanks, Urban Outfitters, for making western-y shirtdresses. All I had to buy was the $5 straw hat from Wal-mart.

I put a little more effort a couple of years ago into a beauty contestant outfit, actually buying an old prom dress from a thrift store.

Except everyone called me princess all night since I couldn't be bothered to wear a sash with "Best Talent" or something on it.

Also, I painted my nails bright pink and then wore gloves the whole night. Not cool.

This year, I've been invited to my cousin's Halloween party where the theme is "Red and Black." I'm not really sure what I want to do with that yet, but one thing I do know is that I probably won't do something unflattering.

Is that bad? Or is it good that I can admit that about myself?

Either way, this probably won't be me:


I appreciate the zombie apparel on others, but I definitely have to admit, all of my past costumes have allowed me to look either pretty or cute wearing them.

Which just boils down to me being too self-conscious to really just let go and look crazy. 

It's silly, I know, but getting all dolled up just sounds like a better night to me. Unless I really committed and did a really good corpse bride or something. I could probably handle that.

What about you? Do you like going for the "ugly" costume?



  1. Things I think of instantly with 'red and black' is Alice in wonderland, and the Queen of Hearts. But that just might be because I just celebrated my 'unbirthday' ;-) It can be as easy and elaborate as you like, and playing cards are great for crafting things. You can even make a corset out of them. Or a bowtie necklace like I did! :D And hearts and such are not hard to come by.

    And saying that you've thought up as many as six impossible things before breakfast and 'OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!' is rather fun. To me at least :p

  2. I rarely get a chance to wear a costume, but I'm with you - I'm much more into getting dolled up and cosplaying (human or at least humanoid) characters than playing monster or dressing up like food or something.

  3. I definitely enjoy getting more dolled up- how cliche of me, but ya know, honesty is the best policy sort of thing.

  4. yes, i like looking cute in my costumes- right there with you!

  5. Haha! I totally thought of the Queen of Hearts too. That bowtie necklace is really cute! But I'm pretty sure that corset would be a little too much for my brain to handle. It's very cool though.

  6. Yeah, that just doesn't really appeal to me. I was trying to find couple's costumes (I know, I know), and saw a bacon and eggs one and it was cute... but no thanks?