Monday, October 14, 2013

A Nail-tervention

Can somebody please save my nails from me? I think I've been smothering them too long and now they're rebelling like asshole teenagers.

Apparently I buffed them with one of those four-sided nail buffers too frequently in one week and, as a result, they're all weak and breaking.

And it's all because I do my nails too much.

I've already written about my nail polish collection, but I rarely go without polish on my nails and I usually like to switch it up at least twice a week, so I think my nails are finally giving me a giant FU (quoting Miley Cyrus, obviously). (Sidenote: could anyone help but listen to Miley's new album on Spotify?)

Yeah, I'm too lazy to make a new nail graphic.
Please tell me I'm not alone in this nail madness. I rarely do nail art anymore because the pay-off is never worth the time it takes, but the process of doing my nails is actually something I enjoy. I don't even want to count the hours I've spent on them. 

Which is why it kills me that I'm letting them take a breather now so they can get stronger.

To keep my mind off every dumb thought I have about painting them, though, I tell myself to do one of these things instead:
1. Read about all the harmful stuff in nail polish and question my life choices.

2. Count the money I've spent on nail polish and cry.

3. Group my nail polishes by color and take note of how many are basically the same.

4. Write a blog post using nothing but nail polish color names. Chances are no one will even notice.

5. Do literally anything else.

Anyone else a little too obsessive about their nails?



  1. haha yes i think as women we get nail obsessed. but i had no idea about the harmful stuff. why is everything bad?!

  2. I'll admit I've never been nail obsessed. I rock plain nails 99% of the time. Except toes, they have to have polish but I let those bad boys stay with the same polish until they need to be redone. Girl fail...haha

  3. Oh gosh, I wish that I was obsessed with my nails. I'm always so jealous of a girl who has her 'ish together with a fresh mani! I can just never seem to sit down and find the time!!!

  4. I've always been the exact opposite!! I collect nail polish like pennies but I don't really like doing my nails. I just got hooked on scratch nail stickers though so hopefully my nails will be more interesting from now on :)

    Get some almond or apricot kernel oil on those babies you'll be good as new in no time!

    PS I love your phone case.


  5. I never did nail it's okay. I suck.

  6. I like doing my nails but I don't like taking the nail polish off...that's whole different kind of problem! I don't think I've spent that much on polishes, though I may be in denial...