Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekly Wishes

So I've tried to type out "weekly" three times now and each time I've written "weeky" instead. Ugh, Monday. (Who am I kidding? I'm still between jobs. Everyday's a holiday). 

I've got a thirty minute deadline to write this and that's pretty much next to impossible for me. I mean, at work, when I was reporting, I could do it, easy. But when I'm at my own leisure to write, I take forever. Doesn't matter the length or the subject, I can sometimes mull over a piece of writing for probably 20x longer than it actually takes anyone to read it. But I'm trying to get better, so here goes.

I haven't linked up for Weekly Wishes in a couple weeks, so this week seemed as good as any to make some goals in life.
The Nectar Collective
I know my last post in the link-up had goals related to exercise, and I can happily say I've been pretty consistent at working out.

I'm still doing the Skinny Bitch workout every other day and I continue to learn everytime how terrible my balance is. But I get steadier and steadier with each workout, so one day maybe I'll master standing on one foot.

We'll just ignore my other past goals because who knows if I accomplished them. I'm not Rapunzel from Tangled, I don't always keep my promises. (The only reason I made that reference is because of how much I love Tangled). 

Anyhoo, my goals this week:

--Continue to exercise every other day and bike on the off days. I've so got this. Maybe minus the bike-riding. 

--Show my appreciation for those around me more. My default is more sarcastic than earnest, so I should probably be nicer and more complimentary sometimes. 

--Finish the second season of New Girl on Netflix. Most loveable crew on TV. Minus Parks and Rec. Most important goal? Maybe.

--Make a practice batch of creme brulee. I have been all about creme brulee and flan for the past few weeks after not really liking either for years, and I've decided when Logan and I get an apartment, I want to make creme brulee for our housewarming party. So I should probably practice the recipe at least once. 

--Be better at showing my support for other blogs. I read and love so many blogs, but a lot of times, I'm the type to just lurk and not really comment, and that needs to change. So this week, I'm determined to just spend time letting other bloggers know I'm reading and appreciating their posts.

What are your goals this week?


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post - you've got a good sense of humor! I can definitely relate to spending (way more) time than necessary on posts. It's tough though, you want everything to sound perfect! Good job on working out!! What's the Skinny Bitch workout?

    Your goals this week are easily attainable - you can do it! You should post the creme brulee recipe WHEN it turns out - I've always wanted to make it!! Good luck this week!!

  2. Okay, Katie...I LOVE NEW GIRL. It's just so great, Jess reminds me of me so much it almost makes me shudder. In fact, I tweeted about it a couple of days ago. Enjoy!

  3. Thanks, Amber! Here's the Skinny Bitch workout: Some of the reviews are kind of harsh, but I think it's fun! But I'm a total beginner to consistent exercise, so some people might not find it very challenging.

    But they do 15-20 minutes each on arms, butt, leg and abs and it has a mixture of cardio, some yoga elements and etc. They have a diet book I didn't read, and the video comes off as kinda amateurish sometimes (like they are clearly watching someone else or a video of the moves while they "lead" the video), but it works for me.

  4. ME TOO! Well not about Jess reminding me of me, but I LOVE the show. I've actually seen all the episodes already but my boyfriend hasn't and he's been watching it with me. I can never decide who my favorite is.

  5. great goals this week. love the New Girl/Parks and Rec shout out. Definitely two of my favorite shows. Parks and Rec is def #1 for me.

    I love your last goal too. This has been a priority of mine since last week..haha so I'm not far ahead of you. Im totally a lurker..I read so many awesome posts..but for some reason just don' comment. No idea why but I'm fixing that.

    Happy Monday!!

  6. Thanks, Codi! And, ooh, Parks and Rec might be #1 for me too. I just love the cast so much. But it's probably pretty close with New Girl. Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one who lurks!

  7. Love your post this week AND your reference to Tangled. I love it! It was only by chance I came across that film. The toddler I was babysitting one night, wouldn't go to sleep so we ended up watching it about 3 times!

    For the creme brulees, the hotel I work in make different flavoured brulees each week. My favourite is Baileys or Chocolate orange. Nom!

    I've also got a similar wish to you this week. (Hence why I'm commenting.)
    My wish was to comment on every single blog which has linked up this week to weekly wishes.
    I'm doing well at the moment.
    Good Luck this week and keep smiling :)


  8. Oh, nice! I'm totally impressed. And I actually watched Tangled on my own with a friend and loved it so much that I got my toddler niece hooked on it--it's such a cute movie. Also, that chocolate orange creme brulee sound delicious.

    Thanks for the well wishes, Becky!

  9. Ah, are you my sister from another mister?!?!?

    I can totally relate to this. Only I do way less exercising. But standing on one foot is a goal of mine as well!

    And um, yes to finishing New Girl on Netflix (though this one may have to be on the backburner for a few weeks, sadface) and yes to supporting other blogs more! I think it's more natural for me to be a lurker as well... reading can be quick and easy and fun but it takes a bit more energy to leave a comment that isn't just "YAY I READ THIS!" Haha! :)

  10. Um, jumping in to say ME TOO!!!!! When I started watching it with my boyfriend, he was like, "She reminds me of you..." Only she has way cuter outfits and cooks more! :)

  11. "Ah, are you my sister from another mister?!?!?"

    Omg, can we just start calling each other that? It might be too long for tweets, but I'm gonna try. I'm getting a little better at the one foot thing and Logan and I just finished New Girl.

    And it's so true about the energy it takes to leave a thoughtful comment (which is why I always appreciate yours!), especially when other commenters have already said what you want to say!