Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekly Wishes + a selfie blog challenge

Happy Monday!

I got up at 3:30 a.m. on Saturday to drive with Logan and my mom up into the mountains so we could be in time for the sunset. Oh, and it was only 25 degrees outside. But no big deal. We were totally prepared for it to be that cold (no we weren't).

I wish I had pretty photos to show but I'm not really the picture-taking type. So I'll just stop talking about it then and move on to... WEEKLY WISHES.

The Nectar Collective

So let's see, my goals last week were:

--Continue to exercise every other day and bike on the off days. Um, killed it. I'm awesome. Unless we're including the weekend. WHICH WE AREN'T. 

--Show my appreciation for those around me more. I think I did, and I've got more appreciation coming this week. 

--Finish the second season of New Girl on Netflix. Yes, yes, yes. This is done, because of course I finished it.

--Make a practice batch of creme brulee. Not gonna lie, totally forgot this was a goal.
--Be better at showing my support for other blogs. Hopefully I did this, but it's definitely also an ongoing goal.

Onwards and upwards:

--Continue to exercise. The ab routine on the Skinny Bitches DVD isn't very hard so I am going to start doing it twice every workout. 

--Start a novel. I think this was a weekly goal a couple weeks ago, but I definitely didn't do it. I need to start a novel this week. It has to happen. I used to read so much and now I just read articles and blogs.

--Make that damn creme brulee.

On another note, I also wanted to use today's post to highlight a blog challenge created by Jess at The Iris Blog and Annmarie at The Simply Swift Blog. 

The Simply Swift Blog
Cute buttons change everything.

Dun dun dun... it's The #SwiftlyPainted Self-Portrait Challenge!

Read more on their own blogs here 

But basically what you need to know is it's a challenge for the first day of every month for a year. That's right only one day a month. I'm bad at commitment but I'm pretty sure I can handle that.

The prompts (which can be found at the link above) include writing exercises and then a self-portrait challenge. Asking a fashion blogger* to take selfies? Yeah, okay I'm there. You got me.

But, guess what? It starts tomorrow, so you better get out your iphone now and start making your best duckface. 

See you tomorrow!

*Okay I know I haven't been a fashion blogger in forever, just let me have this.



  1. Weekends are for resting anyway! You totally succeeded. Good luck this week, and I'm totally checking out that challenge!

  2. Way to get your abs going, and um, yea....BABY AVA AS YOUR IMAGE FOR THIS POST! PERFECTION. (I don't care if she doesn't remember, but she will always have a spot in my heart)

    I want to taste this brulee so I think you should just come visit and make it for me, what novel are you going to start?

  3. hah! damn creme bruleee.. well, good luck with that!
    and well done you last week! :)
    exercises are so good. I'm all into it these days. Been in my weekly wishes couple of weeks ago. And still continuing - awesome! :))

  4. Thanks, Vaida! We'll see how that creme brulee goes.

  5. Haha, you just need to visit Colorado and then she'll love you. (maybe if you bribe her enough). And I can't remember what it's called but I had a book I've maybe read 20 pages of that I should probably finish! It's a mystery.

  6. Thanks, Lix! And you're so right about the weekends.

  7. Thanks, Pinja! I just started exercising regularly, so I'm probably still in the excited phase!

  8. Thanks! And haha, I meant I need to start reading a novel. Writing a novel is probably a little more than I want to take on right now! But that's awesome that you and your sister just finished one.