Thursday, September 5, 2013

Things I'd like to tell my niece (if she weren't, you know, only 4)

1. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t wear brown and black together, white before Labor Day, or gold with silver. If you don’t follow your elders taste in music (hello Lawrence Welk), why do you insist on clinging to their tired fashion rules?

2. Labels aren’t everything and you’ll never please everyone, so don’t even play the game. Those girls who think they’re so cool for carrying Coach? Yeah, consult the eye-rolls of the girls who think they’re so cool for carrying Louis Vuitton.

3. Don’t look up to those socialites you read about in Vogue. It’s not obtainable, or all that interesting.

4. Recognize privilege and know your worth doesn’t come from what you own or who you know.

5. Allow only three times in life when you act like a complete, total, embarrassing idiot for a guy (or girl). Then get it together and get some dignity.

6. Don’t be the girl who validates herself through boys at the expense of her relationship with other women. (Related: Don’t try to prove yourself to a guy who doesn’t respect you.)

7. Mix prints. The world will continue revolving.

8. Never get so caught up with someone else that their opinions/habits/personal ticks become your own. You can have different passions, it’s okay.

9. If you think Edward Cullen is a modern Romeo, read a book on emotional abuse. And then get over Romeo and Juliet. There’s nothing romantic about two young people killing themselves for puppy love.

10. Your worth is not in your “purity,” or lack there-of. 

11. Guys will always think you like them more than you do and that you’re more broken up than you really are when it goes south. Accept it and let them think they’re the ones who got away. It’ll keep them warm at night after you’ve already moved on.

12. There will always be someone smarter, funnier, and more engaging than you are. Save the jealousy for important stuff like someone who has a pet fox. A fucking pet fox.

13. Judge people on how they treat others in service positions. If they’re rude to waiters or store clerks, they are unequivocally not decent people.

14. Please never pay more than $20 for a tank top no matter how rich you become.

15. And please, please don't be a mean girl. 


  1. This is such great advice for any girl (or woman)! Number 12 is particularly awesome. I actually know someone who has a pet fox. It makes me jealous to my very soul. I just watched Mean Girls again and does it ever stand the test of time. Being a girl is hard work but with aunties like you around, we're going to be okay :)

  2. hahaha $20 on a tank top. love that. this is so great!

  3. That's awesome! Love the pet fox. That's gold. Definitely save the list for when she's a tad older! ;)

  4. haha. I hate Lawrence welk. my dad would always turn it in to annoy me. worst punishment everrrrr

  5. OMG I LOVE THIS!!!!
    I am going to tell my niece all of this when she hits like 14...!

    Oh I just came across your blog! I am so excited I found it.
    I am now following you!
    I look forward to keeping up and getting to read more and get to know you better!


  6. Haha, I would love to have a pet fox! I even started to look into dog
    breeds that look similar to foxes. And Means Girls really does have some
    great tried and true messages in it. I think girls should be brought up to recognize the importance of having deep relationships with other women, not taught to see other women as competition.

  7. Thanks, Helene! And, seriously, a little piece of cotton should not cost $100!

  8. Haha, thanks Kayli--I"ll be sure to save it!

  9. Hah! I wasn't sure how many people would get that reference! My grandma loved that show, so it'd be on a lot at her house.

  10. Thanks, Christina! I'm glad you found my blog! I'll be sure to check yours out.