Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Let's talk about...

Oh and look here at today's Blogtember prompt: Review a book, place, or product. DONE.
Now, let's get a few things straight.

This is no longer the reality of boxed wine:  

At my local liquor store, I can count at least a dozen different brands, and okay, some of them suck. But some are just as good as any of those bottles of wine you like to gulp down after a long day at work.

So, why should you be drinking boxed wine?

1) Uh, hello, endless supply of wine. Well endless compared to one measly bottle. You get four bottles in one box for around $20. Yes, please.

2) Once you uncork a bottle of red, you only have so long to drink it before it starts tasting funky, and you know what? Sometimes I just want one glass one night and then maybe two glasses several nights later. And with a box, I can drink however much or however little I want and I will still have a good supply two weeks down the road.

3) They taste perfectly fine, I PROMISE.

4) Most importantly, why get drunk on one bottle of wine when you can get drunk on one box of wine? (Okay, I don't actually do this... but I appreciate having the option). 

Still don't like the idea of drinking from a box?

Well, I don't really know what to tell you. But you're probably my former coworker who liked to shit on boxed wine any chance she got (no not literally, that's disgusting). Not really sure what the big deal is, but maybe she felt stupid buying it.

But, honestly? I mean, sometimes I feel stupid walking around a store holding a huge thing of toilet paper, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to buy it. And, well also, I don't actually care what cashiers think about my purchases.

So what's the best boxed wine (in my humble and cheap opinion)?

From left to right:

1. Bota Box. My personal favorite. Standard retail prices are about $21 and they've got a full line, though I typically only buy the cab, chardonnay, red zinfandel and their sauvignon blanc. 

2. Black Box. Lots of people act like Black Box is the holy grail of boxed wine, but I think Bota Box's wines are generally more flavorful. Black Box is slightly more expensive at about $23 standard retail. 

3. Fish Eye. Can I admit to really just liking the shape of the box? I'm a sucker for good packaging (hello, Philosophy make-up). Plus, Fish Eye typically sells for about $17.
Forbes has a different idea of the best boxed wines, but honestly, I've never even seen most of those in my local liquor stores. 

But the real point is, you should probably start drinking boxed wines if you don't already. It's pretty much life-changing. 

(Ugh, you know what I just realized? I have a box of Bota Box chardonnay in the fridge and I didn't even have a glass to write this post. Wasted opportunity!)


  1. I LOVE boxed wine! But I am a Franzia girl! I need to try some of your recommendations!

  2. Haha--I can totally be a Franzia girl too in a pinch! It's not at all as bad as people like to pretend.

  3. YES love the mini boxes they make! They contain way more wine than you'd think and they are cute too.

  4. Thank you, Vaida! Nothing is better--nothing!

  5. Can I just say love this topic! Boxed Wine is the best! It has gotten me through 5+ years of college!!!!

  6. Thanks! I'm pretty sure portable and drinkable are all you need for a good time.