Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Grad-itude 101 #5

It's once again Wednesday and that makes it time for Grad-itude 101, a link-up by the wonderfully wise and fabulous Erika at Chimerikal. 

GRAD-ITUDE 101: A Linkup By Chimerikal
I've been thinking about what I wanted to include in this week's link-up and I realized that one of my goals for Monday's Weekly Wishes was to show my appreciation more for those around me.

SO, damnit, that's what I'LL DO.

To my mom: Thank you for, you know, letting Logan and me crash at your place. We're on the cusp of employment, I can just feel it.
And while we're at it, thank you for always teaching me to value my intelligence above anything else and showing me what it means to be a smart, independent career woman who gets it done. (Oh, and also thanks for encouraging me to have a more refined palate. I fight against it sometimes--like, no sorry, no thanks on the rabbit--but you have to admit I'm way better than I used to be).

To my dad: Thanks for paying for a new battery for my car last week. And thanks for the new tires last year. And basically all the maintenance before that.

And also thanks for always thinking I'm brilliant and bragging about my writing/grades/accomplishments to everyone. That's pretty nice. And, you know, thanks for giving me an appreciation for simple ingredients and how good just meat and potatoes can be. 

To my sister: Thanks for being the intelligent, witty person you are who I can talk to about politics and also how annoying Caroline Manzo is. (it's a real Housewives reference, sorry). 

Now that I've moved back to Colorado, I'm glad we can have regular evenings of wine-drinking + reality TV-watching, even though your dog is super annoying and sometimes I want to punch him.
Sister, sister.

To Logan: Look, I just read this article with excerpts from Melissa Gorga's new book (another Housewives reference, sorry again), and her husband sounds awful. Like, horribly, beyond terrible, awful.

So you know what? Thank you for not having antiquated notions about gender roles and for identifying as a feminist. Thank you for not being possessive, overbearing or selfish and recognizing that a relationship is about two people and not just you and your wants.

And, of course, also thank you for your dry sense of humor that always makes me laugh and your thoughtfulness. 

The glasses say hipster, the jacket says hippie.

To Crystal: I'm so glad you're back in the States (selfish, I know, but I wish Rich could be back with you), so that we can have random phone calls anytime. Thank you for all your support (and it's been massive) with this blog and I'm glad you and The Happy Type are getting all the recognition you deserve.

Also, thanks for waiting to see Insidious 2 until we can see it together, even though I'm pretty sure it's killing us both.
This isn't from Halloween. This is how we always dress.
So what are you grateful for this week?


  1. This is exactly how I felt when writing today's post! I need to express my gratitude to people more.

  2. Definitely! And, of course, there are so many more people to thank! Maybe that can be for next week's post...

  3. This is so wonderful to read!!! All those people to be thankful for in our life! It's truly something to have such great family support and love everywhere :D

  4. This is a lovely post of gratitude :) I think you and Crystal clearly know how to rock the unique look ;)

  5. Great post and sounds like you have great people in your life as well! I really love all the captions on the pictures! ;-)

  6. Ok so rabbit is my favorite meat to eat, which sounds so bad but honestly try it. The first time I had it my dad put it on nachos since he knew I could not turn them down and now when he knows I am coming home he makes sure to have some ready for me.

  7. I'm definitely blessed in that way! Thanks for the sweet comment, Lisa!

  8. Haha, thanks. As I was writing I realized how much I'm thankful for!

  9. Hah, thanks--I'm glad you liked them! And I'm definitely so thankful for having strong family support.

  10. Okay, okay, haha, I'll promise to try it sometime. (the nachos thing is a pretty good idea!)

  11. I loved reading this! It made me happy even though I don't know these people!! But I do feel like it let me get to know YOU better! You have a way of injecting humor into a serious subject, but also still hitting the point of it all, too! I'm sorry if I am not the most eloquent with this comment, but everything I am writing is truly meant to be a compliment! I just really enjoyed this so much! And Crystal is pretty awesome and I think it's rad that you two both know each other IRL! Ahhh! :)

  12. Haha, if only we could just have a group meet-up! And no worries-you were perfectly eloquent! Thanks, Erika!