Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Australia in photographs


Today's prompt for Blogtember, a link-up created by Jenni D at Story of My Life, is to post simply photos. All of the following were taken throughout Australia, where I lived for seven months. 


Did I go a little crazy? It's just such a gorgeous country, I couldn't help it! Happy Wednesday everyone! 



  1. Omg that giraffe. I LOVE giraffes! Okay you're making me really want to go to Australia! I've avoided putting it on my 'places to visit list' because I hear they have really huge spiders & also that long plane ride is really a huge con for me haha but now I think I may have to add it. Idk, I'm still iffy about these giant spiders.....

  2. Haha, honestly, I barely saw any spiders! The most common insects were definitely cockroaches, which was terrifying for me because I hate them, but other than that the insects weren't bad.

    The plane ride was long, but totally doable if you can sleep for a bit, read some good books, and watch some of the inflight movies!

  3. I've always heard Australia was so beautiful but after Zauni's comment about big spiders and your reply about cockroaches...i'm not so sure anymore!

    I loved your pictures with all the animals, especially that dingo? was that a dingo? Great pictures girl!

  4. Thanks, Codi! And yes, that was a dingo! We camped on Fraser Island and they would always come into our campsite at night looking for leftover food.

    And I wouldn't let the insects deter you! They are just one tiny little con in the midst of a million other positives.

  5. Great photos!! I lived in Perth for four years and loved it! For my blogtember post today I blogged photos of New Zealand.. goof excuse to post pretty photos huh?
    Sarah :D

  6. Thanks, Sarah! I never made it all the way west to Perth but seeing the other half of Australia is definitely on my bucket list. I'll have to check out your photos! (unfortunately I didn't make it to New Zealand either!)