Sunday, September 1, 2013

26 things I hope to learn by the time I'm 27

Oh hey! So it's my birthday today, and in honor of that, I've decided to shamelessly steal Kayli (of Kayli Wanders) post on the things I'd like to learn before my next birthday. She's a bit younger than me, so her fabulous post was the 19 things she'd like to learn before her 20th birthday.

Mine will be the 26 things I'd like to learn before I'm 27, because, ugh, I'M SO OLD. (Kidding, I think?)

What I want to learn:
1. How to actually do a french braid. I mean, I know. But I don't. Right now it takes several tries and lots of cursing to get my braid where I want it to be. I just want to be able to do it on the first try.

2. How to make a delicious baked brie recipe. Who doesn't love brie?

3. How to eloquently tell someone off when the situation is appropriate and they deserve it. 

4. How to read Vogue without thinking mean thoughts about how rich and unbelievably out of touch all the writers are.

5. How to always approach people with confidence. 

6. How to put my hair up into anything but a pony-tail. Right now my hairstyles vary between straight, wavy and fishtail braid. 

7. How to not bite my nails when they don't have polish on them.

8. How to express myself better verbally so it's not constant word vomit.

9. How to enjoy sweet wines so I can just have all wine all the time.

10. How to make-up my eyes in a way I actually like that doesn't involve black eyeliner.

11. How to enjoy fish. Slimy, slimy fish.

12. How to enjoy vodka again. Ugh. One mistake can just haunt you forever.

13. How to once again read at least one novel a month. I spend so much time reading, but not enough time reading for pleasure and I miss getting lost in a good book.

14. How to accept that I'm not at an age anymore to just listlessly go through life without a purpose.

15. How to exercise on a regular basis so I feel energized and good about myself.

16. How to eat oysters.

17. How to not be jealous of women who I think are better than me is some way.

18. How to beat oily hair, because I'm over it. 

19. How to feel important while reconciling that I'm rather insignificant in the grand scheme of things. 

20. How to wear lipstick in a way that doesn't feel stupid.

21. How to be better at staying in touch with friends I don't live near anymore.

22. How to not roll my eyes at poetry. (or maybe I'm okay doing that)

23. How to not chip my nails so damn soon after I paint them.

24. How to drink an adequate amount of water each day.

25. How to stand up for myself. 

26. How to not dwell on past mistakes because life is where it should be.

And now I'm off to celebrate my birthday! Happy Sunday! 


  1. These are all such amazing things to learn! And I NEED to learn how to do a french braid...I'm sick of having to call up my (LITTLE) sister. Such a pain! I hope you have the happiest of birthdays, gorgeous!

  2. These are all fantastic things to try and get down on this year and I know you can do it. When we see each other I'll come armed with a bottle of rose and some oysters to help you with a couple of these. Also, when did you start hating VODKA?! I mean if you can still handle tequila, but not vodka then I must know the story! Happy Birthday, honey buns.

  3. Every single item on this list is pure gold!! Happy Birthday Girl! ;) Enjoy it!

  4. This is a pretty awesome list. I am SO happy that I'm not alone on #4. Seriously sometimes I see editorials where they're like "Get it for less $399!" & I'm just like, what?!! Less for who exactly? haha :)

    Zauni | The Kind Side

  5. Awesome list, and I SOOO get you at #4! *control thoughts*


  6. Haha! It's okay. I used to do random chores for my mom in high school in exchange for her blowing out my hair (she was so good at it!) before school. Braids aren't that hard to learn but it takes so much practice (at least for me) to perfect and have them actually look how you want them to! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  7. Haha. Can I admit to liking rosé just because I want Lisa van der Pump to think I'm cool enough to hang with her? And I don't totally HATE vodka, but after a terrible night doing shots of it a couple years ago, we just haven't been the best of friends.

  8. Haha, right?! On what planet is anything over $200 a steal? But I guess we're not supposed to read it for its down-to-earthness. Thanks so much for stopping by, Zauni!

  9. Haha, thanks Elizabeth! It can be really hard to control my thoughts while reading Vogue, which is probably why I don't read it very often!

  10. Thanks, Jess! And I'm glad you liked my list!

  11. Haha, thanks Erika!! Birthday weekended twinsies!