Saturday, August 10, 2013

Throwback Saturday

I KNOW, I know. It's supposed to be Throwback Thursday! But Thursday isn't for another five days and patience has never been one of my strong suits. 

What's the throwback? Well, I didn't realize how many of my old art projects my mother still has laying around the house until I came back to stay with her in my recent move.
Remember when you had to take art classes in school? While my creations were never hopeless (well, I guess that's debatable), they certainly weren't the best in class, but I think there is something so fun about finding stuff from years ago that you made or wrote (no matter how mortified your past self makes you). 

So, on this lazy Saturday, I decided to give some of my old artwork another day in the sun, with their own photoshoot.
Some of the pieces are from middle school and some are from a high school sculpture and pottery class I took. I'll let you decide on your own which are which.

From top to bottom: A big house, duh, a worthless jar whose lid doesn't fit right, a cast of my hands, napkin ring holders (a gift for my mom, how darling was I?), a plaque that was supposed to have 3-d parts, and another useless jar (useless because the empty area inside the pear wasn't large enough to hold a damn thing).

I never really mastered the whole painting something for the kiln. My colors always turned out streaky or not at all what I wanted.

And can we please discuss the damn hands? I don't know how that project isn't setting you up for failure, for ending up with a tacky hand cast that you'll inevitably decide to cover in five different colors and dumbass zigzags. 

Okay, fine. I'm sure someone with a little more talent could've done something dandy and I'm just trying to make my 12-year-old self feel better.

And now I just wish I could find my old paintings. Those were great. 
What about you? Would you still frame your artwork from middle school? 

And you bet your sweet ass I'm filing this under DIY! 


  1. There isn't ONE thing that has survived the test of time that I made as a child so WOOT on your projects actually still being around. Also that lopsided pear is ADORABLE.

  2. Haha--hey! Who said it was lopsided?!