Friday, August 9, 2013

New moon

Why yes, this blog title is a reference to the seminal second book in the Twilight series. I'm so glad you picked up on that.

If there is anyone who can really get inside a girl's head, it's Stephenie Meyers, no? Right now, I kind of feel like Bella in that part where all the chapters are blank and there is no meaning in the world because all her purpose in life has left her.

I mean, for me, it's because I'm unemployed and not because my dumbass boyfriend peaced out without so much as a thought for my opinion on the matter... but, basically the same situation. 
It's beyond stressful to know that my little pot of saved-up money will only deplete at this point until I find another job, but it's also nice to have this little reprieve from the daily grind of work. 

I've mentioned before that my boyfriend and I just moved to Colorado from Kansas, and lucky duck that he is, he already has a job interview lined up later today. 
Logan, me and my birthday bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes, Genius, right? It's genius.
I know he'll be charming and wonderful and I'm very proud of him, and it's nice to know that one of us (fingers crossed) might have a job in the works.

And hopefully, it won't be long before I get one as well!
But one thing I am sure of, is that I am so glad I decided (with my boyfriend!) to take the plunge and move back to Colorado. 
All the reasons I'm glad to be back home.

The last three photos were shamelessly stolen from my mother.
I almost want to quote John Denver.

Except Avril Lavigne's playing on my spotify playlist now and she's kind of killing the buzz. ("Here's to never growing up!")

And my boyfriend just handed me a water glass with a spider in it.

I guess that's my life now.


  1. Even though I wish you were with ME, I'm glad you are home with all your fam. Love you, boo and you are going to find a rockin' job that is perfect for you...I KNOW IT. Also, good luck to Logan on his job and being the perfect boyfriend!

  2. Thanks, lady! I'm glad I can have you as support.