Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gratitude 101 link-up #1

Why, yes, that is my dog in my school colors.

It's Wednesday! Which means it's the first day for Gratitude 101, a new weekly link-up created by the always astute Erika at Chimerikal.

GRAD-ITUDE 101: A Linkup By Chimerikal

I'm excited for this link-up because I'm definitely more sarcastic than I am earnest, especially in my writing, so it may seem like I'm more of a pessimist than I am. But the reality is there are so many things and people for whom I am thankful and grateful, and it'll be nice to have a weekly reminder that I'm not totally cold-hearted.

So what are the things I'm grateful for this week?

Well I'm glad you asked!

My family: Since I moved back home, I've had a lot of support from my family during my job search, including advice and wisdom I don't have yet. My mom has also been temporarily housing my boyfriend and me, so I'm sure she's getting pretty over that. Plus, it's been nice to hang out more in person with my sister who is one of my best friends and her adorable daughter. Thanks, family!

My boys: Who make me smile. Especially my boyfriend, who moved with me from Kansas and made the moving process so much easier since I don't have to waste time missing his ass back in Kansas. 

Logan and Rollie. Yes, Rollie's a boy and I put him in a cheerleading costume. We're open like that.

But I can't play favorites, so also this boy:

Always lurking.

Wine: Ugh, I am going to sound like such a wino always talking about wine, but let's get real (like, um, the Real World?), there's nothing better than a glass of wine at night. Red or white, don't care, just don't make it sweet.

John Mayer: Yeah I said John Mayer. I've been listening to his Paradise Valley album on Spotify on repeat this week. Sorry Taylor Swift, but I maybe don't hate Paper Doll. And I definitely don't hate Badge and Gun. 

My best friend: Who has encouraged this blog from the very beginning and is finally back in the States. I don't text her as much as I should (facebook messaging is where it's at) because I forget I can actually do that now. 

I'm also grateful for popcorn, cookies and cream ice cream and shea butter (I'll explain later). 

What are you grateful for?


  1. mmm always thankful for food. and boys and my dog :)

  2. Haha, yeah, it's usually the simple things. But especially food.

  3. Moms really are the best. P.S- your cat and dog are so cute!

  4. Haha thanks! And I agree, moms are definitely the best.

  5. House full of boys huh!? I have 3 boys too!! a boyfriend, stepson and dog, and then I have a tortie girl named hayley!!

  6. I loved how you kept your dry sense of humor and love for reality TV in this gratitude post! And I also just love that you are linking up with it!!! :) This post had me smiling (and also Googling "Paper Doll," too -- I may have gotten caught up in a celebrity gossip trail before making my way back to the comments section, hehe). Thank you so much for participating and being your awesome, funny self! And I can only imagine what things are like when you and Crystal get together!! :))

  7. Haha! Sounds like you have your hands full! Thanks for stopping by Aukele!

  8. Haha, thanks so much Erika! And, you know, I'm sure you could read for hours on the all the gossip surrounding John Mayer and Taylor Swift. I haven't decided yet who was able to get the better burns on the other in their respective songs. But thanks again for starting the link-up--I'm excited for next Wednesday!