Friday, August 16, 2013

A Week Without Pants: Day 5

DAY 5. So it's the last day of my Week Without Pants, and to celebrate, I've decided to go, um, schoolmarm?

Well, maybe just a little, but let's call it schoolmarm with a twist.

Shirt and skirt from Target, Shoes from Steve Madden, Necklace from local boutique.

Spikes haven't been played out to death for the past two seasons, have they? (No they haven't, because I say so).

These shoes aren't for everyone since they are gold spikes on top of gold sparkles, all plastered on loafers, but I wanted a pair for the longest time and finally got some for my birthday a year ago.

You can't really pull them out all the time, but they go with more than you think they would, and the only downside? They are super uncomfortable! It helps if you fold them in half to loosen them up, but they are pretty rigid and I don't wear them often enough to really break them in.

Also, my ankles hate them since they've been scratched more than once while walking. (Lesson? Learn to walk!)

My "Please tell me we're done?" face.
And now, a relieved sigh from all the picture-taking. 
And hello pants. 

P.S. Don't forget this little guy! All the lovely Korean beauty products could still be yours!
P.P.S. Please forgive the poor lighting!


  1. Hey hun i was just wondering if you would be able to accept the LIEBSTER AWARD!! Because i have nominated you, i found your blog through the giveaway on another blog and happy i found two great blogs and i have been hunting for my favourite blogs all day after i got nominated the other night, come to my blog to let me know if you can answer the question the award is kinda lke a tag a way to get great blogger with under 200 followers some recognition also i'd love if we can follow eachother, I followed on bloglovin and i would follow on GFC as well but cant find the widget if you would like to follow back when you come to look at your nominee questions, GFC will do, hope you love my blog and enjoy your nomination i will have the post up in about an hour or so

  2. I love pants! I don't even like to wear shorts, mainly just black skinny trousers like Audrey Hepburn wore in Funny Face.


    Fashion and Happy Things

  3. You can thank Crystal at The Happy Type for that!

  4. Aaaand congrats on the success of your first AWWP! *\o/*

  5. Haha, thanks! It was such an accomplishment, I know.

  6. Love love love your blog!!! So glad I found it!!! I can't imagine going a week without pants. Lol maybe I'll give it a shot (someday). If you get a chance, follow me at

  7. Hey Stephanie! Thanks for the compliment! Despite the past week, I am also a huge fan of pants and am already back in my leggings. I'll be sure to check out your blog!

  8. I can't blame you--those are pretty stylish too!