Saturday, August 17, 2013

6 Things You Should Know About Me

I generally like to be ten steps behind everyone else, so I'm probably late to the game on this 6 Things post, but the lovely Crystal recently tagged me in her own post, and it seemed like the perfect lazy Saturday write-up.

So here goes:

What’s your best memory? Like that day that stands out as absolutely perfect in your mind?
Well it's not a full day, but one memory that stands out really clearly happened only about an hour after I got off my flight from Australia, where I had been living for seven months. I flew into Colorado just in time to go with my sister to pick up my niece, Ava (who was 2 at the time) from her pre-school, but since she hadn't seen me in seven months, I didn't know if she would still recognize me. 

So, my sister and I walk into the pre-school and don't see Ava in her classroom, but I can see a little girl staring at us from across the room and I almost don't recognize her as Ava because her hair had gotten so long. As we walk over to her she puts her arms out for a hug and starts walking to us, and, naturally, I assume she's headed toward her mom, but instead she comes over to me and wraps her arms around my legs and I think I almost died on the spot. It was the sweetest thing and I can still picture it in my head. 

Cake or pie?
Pie, duh. 1. They're prettier. 2. Chocolate cream pie.
As if you don't want to eat me. (via Saveur)

What’s your TV guilty pleasure? 
I'm SO glad you asked. The Real Housewives! If I could drop a Housewives reference in every post I write, I would. Let's see, if I had to rank them it would be: Beverly Hills, OC, NJ, NY, Atlanta, Miami, and then Washington D.C. (hah, remember that ridiculous season? No? Oh that's right, it was crazy boring). 

Also it spawned these videos, which I am forever grateful for:

What’s your favorite blog to read?
As if I can pick just one. Okay, but fine, I'll shorten it to two. At the moment, I love Helene in Between for her sense of humor and entertaining life-related posts and The Makerista. Gwen is a home-decorating genius and I already want to steal so many of her ideas.
PC or Mac?
Look, Apple people, we get it. You're cool. I have an iPod, okay? But otherwise this bitch has a Samsung Galaxy cell, a Dell Inspiron laptop, and no tablet, despite the fact that I've hinted to everyone within earshot that I really want one. So... PC, okay?!

What song is currently burning a hole on your playlist?
I have been listening to Dolly Parton's Backwoods Barbie album on repeat for the past two weeks, and "Shinola" is probably the song I always start with first.

What are things people should know about you?


  1. Haha, only you would be able to work a Real Housewives reference into every blog post and I hope you try to. AWWWW, BABY AVITA! She's so adorable of course she wouldn't forget you, duh. Also, I approve of your green (purple) drank cup, yo!

  2. Midori, bitches! And damn it, I just realized I didn't get a housewives reference in my post for tomorrow. I'm officially a failure.

  3. Aw! Baby Ava is adorable! I'm definitely going to keep reading to see if you can work a RH quote in every post :)

  4. So glad I found your blog, you can never have too many Real Housewives fans in your circle! It was my guilty pleasure in my six things post, too! Your niece is adorable, it's awesome that she still recognized and came to you after so much time apart. Such a precious moment!

  5. Haha, I will try my hardest! I'm sure there's one to fit every life situation.

  6. I know, it was sooo darling! And agreed on the Housewives. Ideally, everyone would be a fan, but I guess not all people have such good taste!