Friday, August 30, 2013

My new go-to gift: DIY wine charms

I won't pretend I'm the crafty type of person who gives people home-made gifts all the time, but one of my new favorite gifts to make for friends and family are home-made wine charms.

Why are wine charms so awesome?

Well... a) because wine is near and dear to my heart and most people I know drink it (note to self: shut up about wine already!), b) because they are super cute and super easy to make, and c) because as if I'm going to let someone mistake my wine glass for theirs. Hands off!

I recently made the ones pictured above for my sister, but I've also made some for Crystal, who wrote about them on her old blog here.

(Graphic by Crystal)

If you don't already have the proper supplies, this little DIY could add up a bit money-wise, but once you have the wire, pliers and cutters, the charms themselves cost anywhere from $1 to $6 a piece.

I bought all of my supplies from Hobby Lobby and Michael's, though either store on their own would have everything you need.

All of these supplies can be found in the jewelry-making section of both stores. You'll find Martha Stewart has the cutest (and most expensive!) charms, because of course she does. 

I first saw the idea for these on Lauren Conrad's blog--though I know plenty of other sites have written about DIY wine charms--and immediately wanted to try my own hand at it.

While there are plenty of ways to go about it (like this blogger, who makes it super, super easy), I kind of prefer shaping the wire myself for a more home-made look, which is code for it looks much cruder than what you'd buy in stores. Kidding! They're charmingly rustic.

So how do you make them? Well it's probably pretty self-explanatory, but who doesn't like visuals?

1. Using your wire cutters, cut about 2.5 to 3 inches of wire off at a time. No, I don't measure exactly (which is why I could never be a baker). Just eyeball it.

2. Shape your wire into a general circle, about the size of a nickel.

3. Using your jewelery pliers (I'm using needle-nose pliers), twist back the ends of your wire to form the hooks. It can be easier for closing purposes if you bend the hooks into opposite directions. Does that even make sense? As in one hook is pointed toward the right and the other toward the left. Um, yeah, just bend them.

4. Ta-da! Both are now bent.

5. Use your wire cutters to make the hooks an even length.

6. Now that your hooks are made, you can secure them, and then, using pressure from your fingers, perfect the shape of the charms.

7. How it should look once you are done with #6. And now you just need to add the charm!

8. Take your jewelry connectors (just small links that can be easily opened with pliers and then squeezed shut again) and attach one to your charm. While lots of charms already have a hole you can loop the wire through, I like to use these connectors because they help the charms lay nice and flat on the wine glass. If you don't use them, the charms tend to hang at an awkwardly crooked angle.

9. Yeah-yeah! Now you just have to loop your charm with it's little connector onto the wire and you are done. How cute is my little hedgehog?

So if we become besties, I'll probably be making these for you at some point, unless you're like my mom and she already has lots (which, btw, thanks mom for making me have to think of another gift).

And you know what, Lauren Conrad had the great idea of stringing them on a ribbon wrapped around a bottle of wine or champagne and giving them as a gift that way. So, hey if you have some fancy soiree this weekend and you want to gift the hostess with something, then here you go.

And if you're a beer drinker, well why not just clasp them around the neck of your beer? No one would laugh at you, I promise. (Just kidding, I'm laughing at you right now).

Happy Friday, everyone!


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gratitude 101 link-up #1

Why, yes, that is my dog in my school colors.

It's Wednesday! Which means it's the first day for Gratitude 101, a new weekly link-up created by the always astute Erika at Chimerikal.

GRAD-ITUDE 101: A Linkup By Chimerikal

I'm excited for this link-up because I'm definitely more sarcastic than I am earnest, especially in my writing, so it may seem like I'm more of a pessimist than I am. But the reality is there are so many things and people for whom I am thankful and grateful, and it'll be nice to have a weekly reminder that I'm not totally cold-hearted.

So what are the things I'm grateful for this week?

Well I'm glad you asked!

My family: Since I moved back home, I've had a lot of support from my family during my job search, including advice and wisdom I don't have yet. My mom has also been temporarily housing my boyfriend and me, so I'm sure she's getting pretty over that. Plus, it's been nice to hang out more in person with my sister who is one of my best friends and her adorable daughter. Thanks, family!

My boys: Who make me smile. Especially my boyfriend, who moved with me from Kansas and made the moving process so much easier since I don't have to waste time missing his ass back in Kansas. 

Logan and Rollie. Yes, Rollie's a boy and I put him in a cheerleading costume. We're open like that.

But I can't play favorites, so also this boy:

Always lurking.

Wine: Ugh, I am going to sound like such a wino always talking about wine, but let's get real (like, um, the Real World?), there's nothing better than a glass of wine at night. Red or white, don't care, just don't make it sweet.

John Mayer: Yeah I said John Mayer. I've been listening to his Paradise Valley album on Spotify on repeat this week. Sorry Taylor Swift, but I maybe don't hate Paper Doll. And I definitely don't hate Badge and Gun. 

My best friend: Who has encouraged this blog from the very beginning and is finally back in the States. I don't text her as much as I should (facebook messaging is where it's at) because I forget I can actually do that now. 

I'm also grateful for popcorn, cookies and cream ice cream and shea butter (I'll explain later). 

What are you grateful for?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Shy people: They're just like us

I can't tell you how much I wish I were like Jennifer Lawrence. Funny, charming, and outgoing in all situations. Uh, NOPE.

As much as it pains me to say, that just ain't in the cards for me.


I know, it's sad. 

But growing up, I was always shy and, though I've become better, I'm still a rather shy person. Not a quiet person. Just a shy person. By that, I mean, once I'm comfortable with somebody, I'll talk their damn ear off. But until I'm comfortable with them (and the reality is there are some people I'll never really be comfortable around), I probably come off as quiet, and, honestly, dull.  

So, I'd like to clear up some common assumptions that are made (rightly or not) about shy people. (And I promise not to sound too whiny. No promises on not being dramatic). 

1. Shy people aren't dry husks of human beings lacking in personalities. I know we can seem super dull, but it's only because social situations make us a little more nervous than other people (like, gah, J. Law). The reality is, I usually respond to people in kind. If you're overtly outgoing, I probably won't be as shy around you. But if you are super quiet, well then, we're pretty much screwed. (Though I love when I can feel like the outgoing person with someone even more shy!) Oh, and if you don't seem like you have a genuine bone in your body, then no, you'll never see my sparkling personality. Unless I'm drunk and then you'll see all of it.

2. Shy people aren't as timid as we seem. I mean I may look/sound timid, but I swear in my head I'm not! So, though when I speak it may sound like I'm questioning myself, in my head, I'm not. At all. (Yeah, I don't know either, it's annoying). 

3. Shy people aren't super nice as a rule. "Oh Katie would never say something mean or do anything bad!" Okay that's not totally verbatim, but I've heard comments like that more than once in my life and, let me tell you, it's a total crock. I mean, I don't mind people thinking I'm nice (yay?) but the reality is I think mean thoughts all the time. Like, well not everyone, but plenty of people. 

4. Shy people aren't weak. This is basically in line with the timid thing, but just this weekend I overhead a conversation between a guy complimenting an outgoing girl for being "sassy"  (i.e. loud) and saying how he hates girls who aren't and she was all, "oh yeah. They're pathetic." UGH. You're not special for being loud. I'm not special for being shy. Truce? 

5. Shy people don't need to be handled carefully. This probably also goes along with the timid thing too, like people think they need to handle me like an antique vase. But... well, actually this kind of comes in handy sometimes. Carry on.

6. Shy people aren't anti-social. Not at all. I love being around people. It just makes me a little anxious when it's around lots of people I don't know. 

7. Shy people have opinions. And lots of them. We just don't always choose to voice them.

Am I done? Let's say I'm done. (Ugh, I hate ending on uneven numbers.)

Okay here's one more:

8. Shy people aren't awkward. Hah. Just kidding. Yes we are.

But the nice thing is, shyness isn't a lifelong affliction and you can take steps to become less so. I keep telling myself one year it will just click, and I won't be shy anymore.

At the same time, I feel like I can get unfairly pegged as being shy by people I didn't even realize I was being shy around simply for not constantly talking. Like my dentist. C'mon, your hand is in my mouth for 90 percent of our interaction. What do you know?

Anyone else have frustrations with being shy? Or could you be a stand-in for Jennifer Lawrence? (Ugh, I hate you but let's also be best friends).

Also, I just realized that I admitted to being the Kristen Stewart in this whole here metaphor.


You know what? It's cool. I've got this.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekly Wishes

So I'm writing this post Sunday afternoon, and should probably just warn that if Nsync did not perform Bye Bye Bye at the VMAs, I might possibly have spontaneously combusted last night.

But other than that, uh, happy Monday? 

And, yeah-yeah, second Weekly Wishes time with Melyssa at the Nectar Collective! Now I can actually give an update on how I did last week.

Which, ugh, is to say I did okay. My goal was to apply for a "good" job (one I have a good chance of hearing back about) each day and I probably did the best on Monday and it sort of tapered off by Friday.

I have faith it'll work out and it's just a matter of time, but I'm pretty over talking about the job situation so I've decreed that none of my goals this week will be related to searching for one.

So without further ado, my goals are:

  • Exercise at least 3 times this week. I've been alternating between the Skinny Bitch body workout and the New York City Ballet exercise and they both kick my ass. But even doing one push-up could probably kick my ass, so that might not be saying much.

  • Post something every day. Which shouldn't be too hard, but just let me have this, okay?! Oh, and I should specify that by "every day," I only mean M-F, because obviously I love handing out empty promises.
  • Get outside more. I moved back to gorgeous Colorado, but I feel like I've barely been doing anything active outside. This should probably change. 

Yeah, so, I guess the bottom line is that I need to be more active, period. Something tells me I'm probably going to stay inside working on this here blog or job applications (ugh, I mentioned it) every day, so #3 will probably be the hardest, but it's the thought that counts (no, it isn't).

The Nectar Collective
Anyone else have similar goals?

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday funday

Here are my hopes for tonight's VMAs:

1. Justin Timberlake WILL reunite with Nsync. And they WILL figure out how to revert to the way they looked here: (you know, for old time's sake)
(Photo via jonobacon)

If they don't reunite, the show is pointless and I hate everything.

2.  Lady Gaga will shock in her opening act by... wearing something shocking. She's never done that before, amirite? Or maybe she'll arrive in an egg again. That was cool.

3. Robin Thicke will sing "Blurred Lines" in nothing but a g-string.
4. Katy Perry will not wear a dumb wig.

5. Miley Cyrus will fake grind against another girl and expect us all to be scandalized by it.

6. Kanye West will bring North West on stage to spite Kris Jenner's exclusive interview with him. 

7. Taylor Swift will prancersize onto the stage in a nod to John Mayer's "Paper Doll" video while presenting.

8. Selena Gomez will, with no room for interpretation, diss Justin Bieber and his stupid fucking harem pants while presenting.

9. Someone will cry winning a Moon man and cradle it while lovingly saying, "it came true!" (Sorry Anne, it was too easy).

10. And, once again, back to Robin Thicke, who will win best video for having the wholly original idea to parade naked girls around. He's a visionary, that one.

Friday, August 23, 2013

A letter to my 18-year-old self

(In honor of all you back-to-school college students--I know it's a Friday afternoon and you're probably readying yourself for a night of lost dignity--hey, it's cool--but maybe you can read this tomorrow in your hungover haze.) 

Hey young Katie,

I'm only starting this off with all the negative things you're going to do wrong because I love you.

But, hey, fine, if you need to hear it, congrats on getting into your dream school and moving to New York City.

Demerits for everything that came after.

What exactly are you going to do wrong, you ask?

Let's bullet point it:

  • So you're in NYC and you're not going to go crazy and go out and party? I know you're young and pretty timid, but C'MON. I mean, don't be dangerously stupid. Just stupid. It's okay, you're 18!

  • They're called boys, Katie. I know you're going to a school where the majority of guys are gay, but how many millions of people live in the city? Put on your tightest dress from H&M, smear your eyes with black eyeliner and go flirt! Or go up to Columbia's campus in a cute high-waisted skirt and a bow in your hair and try to get some trust-fund philosophy major to approach you while crying over a book on a park bench. Just do something!    

  • Why would you ever eat at the Chili's in Times Square even once? There are 20 million restaurants in New York (it's true, I counted). I mean, their triple dipper is pretty awesome, but how are you gonna act all cool and recommend restaurants to tourists if you're too busy shoving your face with Chili's southwestern egg rolls and boneless buffalo wings? 

  • Stop dressing like you're 30! Banana Republic and J. Crew are NOT marketing toward you, so why are you shopping there? Props on not being much of a picture taker your freshman year so there's not much evidence left. But, let's reiterate: a cashmere, pink turtleneck sweater is what a 30-year-old professional wears, not an 18-year-old fashion student. Also, it was really expensive. Dumb bitch.

  • And, friend, I hate to say it, but the pale and painfully skinny thing is just not working. Get a tan or eat more supplements. 

  • Oh, and, also learn how to make eye-contact with a camera. It'll serve you well later in life.
Nice job at ruining the last photo with your mom before she flies home, asshole.

But, hey, at least you'll learn the valuable life lesson that some girls are just perfect and gorgeous and know how to dress more stylishly than you ever will.

And it's okay that you'll eventually decide pursuing fashion isn't your thing. Figuring out that you're in the wrong major happens sometimes.

And it's okay that you'll have to put your vision of yourself as a stylish city-dweller on hold because you'll decide you just want to try figuring out who you are at a typical college, with a typical sprawling campus and thousands of students who aren't all pursuing fashion.

Just, please, when you transfer to K-State, go ahead and request a change of roommate. It'll be for the best.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Life lessons from the Real Housewives

NYC Gay Pride 2009 - 31
As if I wouldn't open this post with a photo of Danielle. (Photo via Boss Tweed)

You can’t know me and not know I love the Real Housewives. 

I love them so much I'll forgive Andy Cohen for foisting Patti Stanger upon us.

And if you’re about to tell me it’s staged as if you're the first person to figure this out, you can just stop yourself right there, because I don’t care. Yes, it’s a bunch of women fighting like they’re contractually obligated to do so, but I like it.

And here’s the thing about it—people can pretend all they want that they think the shows are just SO stupid, but every time I watch them with someone who claims not to watch them… well, guess who’s piping in my damn ear every five minutes with a question about what’s going on?

And really, who wouldn’t appreciate the show if they knew how many pearls of wisdom came from these ladies? So many life lessons, it would be remiss not to mention at least a few:

1. Class doesn’t come from money. Class comes from talk-singing about class while wearing extensions and a bustier in Atlantic City. (Darling).

 (Yes, #1 was just my excuse to post this amazing video)

2. Why be the master of one thing when you can dip your shitty foot into ten different things? Purse line? Check. Face cream? Check. Jewelry line that you never take off? Check. (Oh, and maybe buy a vineyard too or water that doesn’t look like water. Everyone knows that’s gold).

3. Speaking of gold, apparently the cool people carry it around in satchels.

4. If someone is ever slightly rude to you at any point, no matter how legitimate the reason, clearly you are the target of bullying. Maybe even systematic bullying. Take that fight to Twitter!

5. If you’re not opening a restaurant, then what are you doing? How am I supposed to watch a spin-off show about your bitchy, entitled servers if you’re just sitting at home on your ass?

6. Never enter into a social situation without arming yourself with Radar gossip items you can throw in your friends' faces when they piss you off. Bonus points if you bring an actual folder. 

7. Shit-stir like it’s your job but tell everyone you hate drama so they never catch on.

8. Always remember that wigs are not a joke.

9. Raise your kids to think they are the most special flowers in all the world. This will not backfire when they are older. 

10. It's okay to fight with your family members about the same thing for years. It will never get old and no one will ever lose interest.

11. The best way to approach arguments is to deflect from the actual issue and call the other person ugly. Or fat. Call them fat.

12. Most importantly, keep the toxic out of your life by ignoring the fact that the most toxic thing in your life is yourself.

Note: You'll notice I only chose to use a photo of Danielle. That's because I'm still protesting her axing. Love and light, Danielle! LOVE AND LIGHT!

I also may have written this while listening to West Side Story and Avenue Q with a glass of boxed wine. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Branching out: How to pack for an extended trip

Well it looks like I've decided to get all service-y this Tuesday by starting an impromptu Branching Out series about what to do when leaving home for an extended stay in another country. 

While I'm not a travel blogger, I did branch out from home when I was 23 and a recent college graduate by moving to Australia on a 1-year work visa. I only ended up staying 7 months, but I lived in Sydney for 4 of those, Melbourne for 2 and then spent my last month traveling up the east coast from Sydney to Cairns.

And, look, at the risk of sounding preachy, I'll keep this short, but if you have the opportunity to live in another country, you should, with no hesitation, TAKE IT. 

Extra points if it's a country that isn't English-speaking, but for myself, I chose Australia because, well, it was really far away, looked gorgeous and I found this convenient company, BUNAC, to travel through that fit within the time-frame (6 months to a year) of how long I wanted to be away from the States.

Sydney in the summer.

But while the company helped make the moving process a hell of a lot easier, they didn't place me in a job, find my lodging, make me friends or pack for me.

And it is that last point that I would like to write about today!

Part of the reason I am starting this series now is that it was around this same time three years ago that I was getting ready for my move and contemplating what to bring and not to bring. While I read plenty of lists in guidebooks and all that, I still made plenty of rookie mistakes while packing, and I'll be pleased as punch if maybe my advice can stop others from doing the same stupid shit.

(A couple of asides: this advice is intended for people who plan to work and travel and only stay in one area for a few months at a time, not for people moving to a specific city where you will rent your own apartment and live for a year or more... BUT at the same time, this advice also isn't intended for the hardcore traveler who is going to live out of their backpack and travel constantly. And, also, I'm kind of going off the assumption you'll be traveling to cities and not solely rural-middle-of-nowhere villages)

Also, this advice is coming from someone who likes make-up, shoes and clothes, so don't worry, I won't tell you not to bring any of your purty stuff. (Oh, and yeah, this advice is pretty much mainly for women).

But, listen up, because this is important! DOWNSIZE everything you intend to bring. And once you're done downsizing, guess what? Downsize some more! You do NOT want to travel around with bulging, heavy suitcases (no, I did not carry around one of those large backpacks--I brought a duffel and a mid-sized suitcase on wheels). Ideally, you should fit all your shit into one bag, especially if you don't have anywhere free to store it while you travel. I didn't have an issue with two bags, because, in my case, Work n' Holiday (BUNAC's Australia affiliate) would store one bag for us for free for a month.

But you just can't decide what to downsize? Well let me help!

1. Do NOT bring items that require a converter (this is only a concern if the country you are traveling to uses a different voltage than you). Not only will you waste money on the converter, but you'll waste room in your pack on the electronic. Your blow-dryer? Leave it at home. I don't care how fancy it is. I brought my beloved Chi hairdryer and then only used it once because a) it sounded like a dying mouse and didn't work nearly as well and b) I was terrified it would be permanently damaged after using it with the converter after reading horror stories online. That stupid blow-dryer sat untouched in my pack for 7 months. (But you want to know the really sad part? I bought a cheap Remington dryer there and I couldn't even tell a difference in my hair's overall look between my expensive dryer and that Remington. Ugh, don't think about too hard, Katie.) Sidenote: your laptop's charger does not require a converter. Don't worry.

HOWEVER, be sure to check the tags on all of your electronics. It will tell you their voltage and there are plenty of straighteners, curling irons, and etc that are dual-voltage and, in that case, the only thing you would need to buy are plug adapters to stick onto your electronic's plug that will allow you to plug it into the outlet sockets of whatever country you are going to (these vary by country, so obviously, you'll have to do some research). 

2. Pack clothes that are multi-taskers because you'll need clothes for plenty of occasions, like everyday wear, interviews, some formal events, and recreational stuff like swimming. Pack only a couple of pieces for interview wear, but keep most of it casual. For any formal events you might go to--and I'm not talking about clubbing, because as if you can't go to clubs in a tank and cotton skirt and some random sparkly earrings--bring pieces of clothing that can be dressed up with jewelry and a pair of shoes, but that can also be worn during the day with gladiator sandals. But, sure, bring your damn scarf that you'll wear with everything. Just don't bring your prom dress. You're a poor backpacker, no one has high expectations of your clothing, and no one will blink an eye because you've worn the same thing twice in a month.  

And though you may have 15 pairs of jeans, pack three pairs tops. It's the same with shorts and skirts. Okay, well maybe not skirts. I brought a lot of skirts. But that's my thing. Give yourself one item you can 'splurge' on and then don't pack more than three things of anything else. 

Just remember, you WILL shop during your travels and you're not going to want to have to buy another suitcase to bring all your shit home.

On SHOES: Bring your heels if that's your thing, but limit it to only a pair or two, THREE AT THE MOST. And keep them cheap. As if you won't be stumbling home from the bars in them. Personally, I'm a flats person so I don't fall on my ass in these situations, or, even worse, scuff them all up because I've suddenly forgotten how to walk. It depends on where you're going, but in my case, I kept it to one pair of sandals, a couple flats, one pair of heels and one pair of tennis shoes.

On JEWELRY: If anything, bring more jewelry than clothes. You can totally make an outfit look like a different outfit by wearing a different necklace with it. But obviously I am talking about costume jewelry. If you want to be stupid, bring all your diamonds. Your choice.

On OUTERWEAR: I only packed sweaters because I knew it wouldn't get very cold where I was going, and also I moved in the summertime. If I stayed longer, then I would've bought a coat while already there when necessary. Don't waste room with multiple coats. Pack one nice one.

On UNDERWEAR: Don't waste room on a year's worth of underwear. Grab a handful and use the laundromat, you dirty wench. The bra situation? Bring your skin-colored one that goes under everything, bring your slutty one you can't actually wear under anything and bring a couple pretty ones that'll help you feel confident even when you aren't.

3. You have lots of make-up? Me too. Downsize your make-up collection to one of those cute Clinique bags you got during gift time. Before I moved, I bought an eye palette from NYX to replace all other eyeshadows for my trip, and I suggest you do to the same (and be warned if, like me, you're going to Australia, make-up is pricy and I mean PRICY). 

You can create your own eyeshadow palette for pretty cheap here and get all the colors you think you'll want on your trip. 

Remember, this is not the time for you to bring all 50 make-up brushes you own. (No judgment, I have lots of make-up brushes). Bring no more than five. It's up to you to determine which are the most important. 

Other than that, keep your make-up basic. Do you really need primer and an illuminator? I promise, your face doesn't look uglier without it. 

4. Don't go crazy with the toiletries (including stuff like pads and tampons). You can purchase all of that once you're moved. But do pack shampoo and conditioner and the stuff you use everyday (hello moisturizer) because you'll probably be staying in a hostel or hotel until you find temporary housing where you'll be able to store all your stuff.

5. I'm sorry to be a cold-hearted bitch, but you don't need 50 reminders of home shoved into your suitcase. Bring some photos of your family and call it good. 

ITEMS to save room for:

--Your own bedding. Now, this could arguably also be purchased once you're moved, but some hostels are nasty and it never hurts to be prepared. And, no, I don't mean bring a comforter. Just a fitted sheet, a pillowcase and a loose sheet, and all of these things can be packed very tightly. It is also to use for your temporary housing if you plan on living in one place for a few months.

--A towel. No, hostels do not provide these for you.

--A close-able folder to place all your important documents in that you'll need for jobs and customs, so you'll never lose anything and it's all in one place. 

Okay, I feel like there's more. There's always more when it comes to moving to another country, but I might stop now before I give myself an aneurysm. 

For pete's sake, just don't forget your passport. Or deodorant.

(As for Part 2, I'm thinking the next chapter will be about what to do once you get there.)


Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekly Wishes

How I feel at the moment. (Taken at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney)

Welcome to my very first Weekly Wishes link-up! I've seen practically every blogger I read participate in this link-up, created by Melyssa of the Nectar Collective, every week but for some reason, I am only just now getting around to it myself.

The Nectar Collective

Since it's my first, I guess you'll just never know if I accomplished a goal from last week! (Let's just say I did).

But onward and upward: Well reminder #543 that I'm currently unemployed, so my goal for this week is to apply to at least one job each day to which I think I'm a strong candidate. 

I don't mean applying to random jobs just to apply so I can check it off my list and pretend like I'm actually accomplishing something, but finding job listings where I stand a decent chance at hearing back from the hiring manager.

And instead of questioning my qualifications, I need to remind myself that I'm, hello, kind of amazing (well at least I have great hair), and that it wouldn't hurt to have a little bravado sometimes.

And while I need a job (hello dwindling finances), I need to be careful not to get caught up in a job that I won't be happy at, so while I can't be too picky, I also need to be a little picky. Yeah, that makes sense.

Not the most exciting goal, but here's to getting a job!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Outgrowing old attractions

So remember when you were younger and had shitty taste in guys? Well I certainly did, and it seems like lately I've been reminded of all the shitty things I actually thought were attractive when I was younger and--let's face it--dumb, and now I don't know why in the world these men even registered with me.

The following are fictional characters I thought were so attractive--because, c'mon, dishing on real guys no one will actually know is no fun.

The Phantom of the Opera (as played by Gerard Butler)

gerard butler the phantom photo: Gerard Butler as \"The Phantom\" phantomoftheoperapubs.jpg

Look, Erik with a 'k,' I get it, you're smoldering, or supposed to be, but no amount of handsome can account for your underground lair where you keep a wedding gown on your creepy Christine mannequin. Do you whisper to it at night? Oh, wait no, you're too busy whispering bullshit at the real Christine from the other side of a mirror.

I recently watched a Broadway performance of the show online and it's much clearer in that version that the Phantom is a dangerous stalker and not simply a brooding, only wants love, misunderstood, lost soul like they present in the movie. And, let me tell you, re-watching the story seriously made me question how I could have found the Phantom so damn attractive.

He's a creep who feeds on her daddy issues and he's violent to boot. WTF, younger me?

Rhett Butler from Gone With the Wind (as played by Clark Gable)
rhett butler photo: Rhett ClarkGableasRhettButler.jpg

Look, I know it's sacrilege to diss classic movies, but I've long since outgrown romanticizing Gone With the Wind. Two miserable people fight, demean each other and take glee in being spiteful, and I'm supposed to find that romantic?

No, Rhett, take your mustache and go. Tomorrow's another day and I'm gonna spend it alone.

Edward Cullen from Twilight (as played by Robert Pattinson)

edward cullen photo: edward cullen edward_cullen.jpg

While I've been over Twilight for years, there was a time I feverishly read each book in the series and maybe even pre-ordered the fourth book. And, okay, I might've seen the first Twilight movie at midnight when it came out. But that's it, I swear (if you discount all that fan fiction I wrote*).

Both prepubescent girls and women in the midst of menopause salivate over Edward. I guess it's because he's dreamy and so faithful to boring old Bella, but can we break down some of the shit he's done to her?

1. He doesn't consult her when making huge relationship-related decisions. (example: "Oh hey, I'm leaving town now. Peace!")

2. He disabled her car so she couldn't drive to see a friend he didn't approve of.

3. I repeat, he disabled her car so she couldn't leave to see a friend he didn't approve of.

4. He employed his sister to act as her jailer so she wouldn't do anything he disapproved of.

5. He allowed her to name their daughter Renesmee.

The reality is that if your friend had a boyfriend like Edward, you would tell her to run for the hills, yet somehow Edward is seen as this incredibly romantic character. Just because someone loves you doesn't mean they are good for you and jealousy is not simply indicative of passion.

Vomit. That got right preachy, but my 20-year-old-self probably needed to hear that.

Sam Merlotte from True Blood (as played by Sam Trammell)

sam merlotte photo: Sam Merlotte SamMerlotte.jpg

Now, I like Sam. I've liked him all six seasons of True Blood and think he's a perfectly decent guy. But, when I first started watching the show, he really registered with me and I thought he was so sweet and darling and just needed a hug--and did I ever want to give him that hug.

Fast-forward to me re-watching it with my now-boyfriend and, my god, he's the worst in season one. Okay, not the worst. But so annoying. And clingy. And desperate for Sookie's love.

He pulls that shit some guys do where if you don't like them back they get pissy and take it out on you. And it's ANNOYING. But, no worries, Sam, I know it's just Sookie's fairy blood.
I feel like the things all of these guys have in common is that they are controlling, possessive and high-handed. And what that says about my taste in guys when I was younger is pretty dismal. 

Here's to getting better taste in men!

*no, okay, I didn't write fan fiction. Please don't think I did.

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

6 Things You Should Know About Me

I generally like to be ten steps behind everyone else, so I'm probably late to the game on this 6 Things post, but the lovely Crystal recently tagged me in her own post, and it seemed like the perfect lazy Saturday write-up.

So here goes:

What’s your best memory? Like that day that stands out as absolutely perfect in your mind?
Well it's not a full day, but one memory that stands out really clearly happened only about an hour after I got off my flight from Australia, where I had been living for seven months. I flew into Colorado just in time to go with my sister to pick up my niece, Ava (who was 2 at the time) from her pre-school, but since she hadn't seen me in seven months, I didn't know if she would still recognize me. 

So, my sister and I walk into the pre-school and don't see Ava in her classroom, but I can see a little girl staring at us from across the room and I almost don't recognize her as Ava because her hair had gotten so long. As we walk over to her she puts her arms out for a hug and starts walking to us, and, naturally, I assume she's headed toward her mom, but instead she comes over to me and wraps her arms around my legs and I think I almost died on the spot. It was the sweetest thing and I can still picture it in my head. 

Cake or pie?
Pie, duh. 1. They're prettier. 2. Chocolate cream pie.
As if you don't want to eat me. (via Saveur)

What’s your TV guilty pleasure? 
I'm SO glad you asked. The Real Housewives! If I could drop a Housewives reference in every post I write, I would. Let's see, if I had to rank them it would be: Beverly Hills, OC, NJ, NY, Atlanta, Miami, and then Washington D.C. (hah, remember that ridiculous season? No? Oh that's right, it was crazy boring). 

Also it spawned these videos, which I am forever grateful for:

What’s your favorite blog to read?
As if I can pick just one. Okay, but fine, I'll shorten it to two. At the moment, I love Helene in Between for her sense of humor and entertaining life-related posts and The Makerista. Gwen is a home-decorating genius and I already want to steal so many of her ideas.
PC or Mac?
Look, Apple people, we get it. You're cool. I have an iPod, okay? But otherwise this bitch has a Samsung Galaxy cell, a Dell Inspiron laptop, and no tablet, despite the fact that I've hinted to everyone within earshot that I really want one. So... PC, okay?!

What song is currently burning a hole on your playlist?
I have been listening to Dolly Parton's Backwoods Barbie album on repeat for the past two weeks, and "Shinola" is probably the song I always start with first.

What are things people should know about you?

Friday, August 16, 2013

A Week Without Pants: Day 5

DAY 5. So it's the last day of my Week Without Pants, and to celebrate, I've decided to go, um, schoolmarm?

Well, maybe just a little, but let's call it schoolmarm with a twist.

Shirt and skirt from Target, Shoes from Steve Madden, Necklace from local boutique.

Spikes haven't been played out to death for the past two seasons, have they? (No they haven't, because I say so).

These shoes aren't for everyone since they are gold spikes on top of gold sparkles, all plastered on loafers, but I wanted a pair for the longest time and finally got some for my birthday a year ago.

You can't really pull them out all the time, but they go with more than you think they would, and the only downside? They are super uncomfortable! It helps if you fold them in half to loosen them up, but they are pretty rigid and I don't wear them often enough to really break them in.

Also, my ankles hate them since they've been scratched more than once while walking. (Lesson? Learn to walk!)

My "Please tell me we're done?" face.
And now, a relieved sigh from all the picture-taking. 
And hello pants. 

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P.P.S. Please forgive the poor lighting!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Week Without Pants: Day 4

DAY 4. So, I just realized this dress is the same color as the skirt I wore yesterday and is also pleated. Ugh. (Note to self: way to kill the momentum, dumbass).

That's okay, it's one of my favorite dresses, and when I actually had, ahem, a job, I probably wore it a little too much.

If I were a proper fashion blogger I'd probably wear it buttoned to my throat with a top-knot, a chunky cardigan and glasses I don't need (just kidding, I'm almost blind), but as it is, the dress is from American Eagle which means it was made really, super, unnecessarily small and I can't button it up without it straining, okay?! And, of course, the size up was too large, but.. oh hey, is that someone playing a tiny violin?

Regarding the shoes, I've gotten it in my dumb head that they are the only shoes I should ever wear with this dress and now it feels wrong to wear any other pair.

If I were one of the Real Housewives and the only thing I ever wore were high heels (seriously? Has anybody noticed this?), then I'd probably buy strappy gold heels to wear with it, but Bravo has yet to contact me about an opening for a young, brunette who doesn't have satchels of gold to her name. 

Shoes from Urban Outfitters.
Only one day left of my week without pants and I'm pretty sure my heart is already thawing toward my jeggings.

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