Friday, July 19, 2013

25 things to do by the time you're 25

Look, I'm not an expert on many things in life, but I can say with some certainty that I'm at least knowledgeable about being 25.

And there are just some things in life that should be accomplished or learned by the time you're five years away from turning 30.

Let's start easy.

1. Try a pickle shot. It's half vodka and half pickle juice and it's where good times start.

2. Decide whether you like sushi or not. If you don't, don't force it. And certainly don't try it and then down half a dozen sake bombs, unless you never want to know if you and sushi maybe had something special and then it was just ruined forever.

3. Learn your correct bra size. And that does not start with getting measured at Victoria's Secret.

4. Gain enough confidence in yourself that you don't take on the dumb personalities of everyone you date, including your boyfriend or girlfriend's stupid taste in music.

5. Move past high school. No one should peak at 18. ("Oh man, you were really cool in high school? That's awesome. Please continue discussing this subject.")

6. Eat a pickled egg with salt and pepper and hot sauce. Preferably following a night out.

7. Travel/live abroad. Financially, this isn't an option for everyone, but if you can work it out, DO IT. And do it on your own. You'll be forced to venture out of your shell if you don't travel with a group no matter how shy you think you are and you'll be amazed at how much you can accomplish on your own.

8. Buy a beautiful and inevitably expensive box of macarons because they are delicious and because they will look adorable sitting on your kitchen counter.

9. Learn to like wine. There is nothing better after a day of work than a cold glass of chardonnay or a hearty glass of cabernet sauvignon. That's right. I said hearty.

10. Learn how to paint your nails within the lines. I still struggle with this.

11. Make a complete, mortifying fool of yourself in front of a boy or girl and don't give a fuck. Let them go tell their friends how crazy you are. The fuck do you care?

12. Reread all the classics that you were forced to read in high school with fresh, non "I'm so smart and know everything" teenager eyes.

13. Realize you're still young and dumb at 25 and don't need to have everything figured out just yet.

14. Recognize that you don't need to find ways to feel superior to other people to be a worthwhile person. No one cares how esoteric or mainstream your interests are.

15. Go through a Dolly Parton phase. (that you never grow out of)

16. Skinny-dip.

17. Learn how to do the cat-eye. Once you know it, it's the only look you'll ever need.

18. Get your heart broken or don't. Get engaged or don't. Date or enjoy being single. Just realize that you're not defined by another person.

19. You don't have to be a domestic goddess to make fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, so perfect that shit.

20. Move away from home. Preferably hundreds of miles away if possible, even if just temporarily.

21. Go through an 80s hair band phase. (grow out of it)

22. Learn how to french-braid your own hair. It's time you did.

23.  Figure out how to tip without dragging out your phone's calculator. It's easy. Look at the total, slide the decimal point to the left once and multiply by two. Done!

24. Realize that candles are awesome. They seem like such a cliché gift, but in reality they are amazing and completely transform a damn room. 

25.  Learn to never get too comfortable. You're twenties are for figuring out where the fuck you're going in life.

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