Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Clothing Collective: Summer fun!

I think I am supposed to open this post with something like, "finally! Summer is here!" but I'll refrain because.. well.

1) Spring is 100 percent superior.

2) Summer is kind of meaningless when you have a full-time job and no money to go on some fancy getaway.

In reality, summer is hot, sticky and humid.

And to combat the hellish heat, you wear stuff like this:

Pale girls unite?
Even though you'll see girls in shorts just as short and you'll make a snide comment, because, um, her buttcheeks were totally sticking out, and you can say something because yours aren't THAT bad.

But really? When else can you wear tiny red shorts and get away with it? (Answer: in the fall, when you wear them with tights.)

Hanging out on my mom's back porch.
To me--someone who doesn't go on vacations often--summer fun is about hanging out with friends and family in somebody's backyard, preferably holding some fruity cocktail involving vodka and citrus juice.

When I do take off from work, it's typically to come home to Colorado for a few days, and while Colorado lacks the humidity of Kansas, it still gets HOT. So wearing jeans while relaxing for any length of time outside is not an option. (Just let me justify my tiny shorts, okay?)

Sunglasses and earrings from Target.
On another note, I don't like to be a jealous person because I think it's a waste of energy, but fuck if I'm not jealous of girls who are made for summertime. The ones who can wear their hair in its natural texture and look great, who get deep tans after a few hours in the sun and can pull off strapless swim tops with cut-offs and something stupid like a gold band around their upper arm.

When I lived and worked in Australia for seven months after graduation, these girls were everywhere along the east coast. It was fun feeling inadequate for a month. Oh, and also feeling really old.

I was only 23 when a friend and I decided to travel for two weeks up the east coast from Sydney to Cairns (okay, I never vacation these days!), but the trip is an apparent must-do for U.K. students during their gap-year from secondary school to university... so there are 18-year-olds everywhere you turn.

Which isn't a bad thing, except that a few of them seemed to think anyone in their twenties was getting past their prime.

Or maybe I'm just projecting?

UGH, summer.

But, you can find Crystal's summer fun look here! Isn't it adorable?

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