Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Clothing Collective Series: Anniversary Dinner Date!

So, Crystal and I discovered that we have the same anniversary date: May 28! Of course, hers is her wedding anniversary while mine is my one-year with my boyfriend, but DETAILS.

Obviously our first Clothing Collective post had to be about the perfect outfit to wear for anniversary dates.

This is what I wore to mine: 

Dress from Modcloth, clutch from local boutique, shoes from BCBGirls.

I knew I wanted to wear this dress for awhile. It's approximately two years old and I've worn it only twice--once to Crystal's going away party when she moved to Korea and for New Year's 2012.

While I love the dress, it's a bit dramatic and way too dressy for normal nights out where I live and though I love to dress up, who wants to be the person who looks like they are trying too hard?

Plus it requires a super awkward bra that tapes to your skin under your armpits. While a certain company claims the bra should be good for 25 uses, the sticky adhesive wears after only a few uses,  so you're left to constantly be worried that your bra is about to slip. Also, it itches. There's that too. 

But, really, what is the point of anniversaries if not to get dressed up? Surely it's not just about celebrating your relationship with another person.

I got it in my head that I wanted to do an all-black thing because I thought it would be sleek, and though I have a pair of black, patent stilettos that would have been more fun, I chose my tried-and-true BCBGirls heels because a) they wouldn't make me taller than my boyfriend (yes, I know, it's silly) and b) they would keep the outfit more casual than stilettos and I didn't want this outfit to scream SUPER.DRESSED.UP.

Ring from Dillards.
I also got it in my head that I wanted black and gold accessories but I am nothing if not a procrastinator so I didn't actually go out and look for any accessories until the day of, and goodness knows when you are shopping and actually willing to spend money, nothing is appealing.

If I'd had more time, I probably would've found some pretty jade and gold accessories, but as it was, I settled on this ring and thick-ish gold hoop earrings to warm up the outfit.

And let me tell you, the earrings were a bitch to put on. It took at least ten minutes on each ear because you didn't simply have to stick the point through your ears, you then had to navigate the point into a loop. Not just press it down à la something like this, but stick the point into a closed circle. I was repeatedly cursing myself and the designer in the mirror by the time I was done. And my ears still hurt days later. 

Apparently I decided to go sluttier than Crystal, but her adorable look can be seen here

Here's a preview:

Next up, outfits for a garden party! You go to lots of those, right? I mean, who doesn't, really?

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