Saturday, May 11, 2013

Red, white and blue

So personally, I like to plan holiday outfits out MONTHS in advance. Because nothing says you care... like caring way too much.*

This is my contender for the Fourth of July:

Blouse and earrings from local boutiques, skirt from Sportsgirl.

Wristlet from Fossil, bracelet from local boutique.

These photos (my second foray into ‘style blog photos’) were taken on an unseasonably warm winter day last fall, with the help of Crystal (of Seoul Sold).

The polka dots and Peter Pan collar say I’m whimsical, while the red mini-skirt with gold sailor buttons say I mean business. 

The blouse was on clearance at a local boutique, where each piece of clothing is $35 or under and only two sizes of each (s/m/l) are ordered for the entire store. Which means whenever I see something I like, I feel like I have to buy it RIGHT THEN or it'll be gone. (Also how I've ended up with items of clothing that I haven't worn once. I crumple completely under sales-lady peer pressure. It's mildly pathetic.) 

Notice none of the photos show my legs. That’s because I discovered that I put on my bad tights—the pair I save to layer under other tights when it’s cold—after the shoot was finished and didn’t happen to see the run on the back of my thigh. And apparently Crystal, who is SUPPOSED to be my bestie, didn’t notice it either. Now those tights have a black ‘X’ marked on the inside crotch for DON’T WEAR ALONE. 

I stole this nail art from the ladies at The Beauty Department, who according to one of their commenters, stole it from another blogger whose version is pretty damn adorable, but my nail shape is more suited to The Beauty Department's tutorial.

It’s a bit funny--this taking photos business for the blog. You can't help but feel dumb making stupid faces in public locations. No idea how models do it so un-self-consciously (though I’m guessing being gorgeous helps).

Crystal, who has much more experience in front of the camera, tried to teach me all the right poses and faces. But I failed. A lot.

The outtakes:

 *Okay, no. The patriotism is coincidental. I like red pants and red skirts and probably won't actually do anything on the Fourth. Because I'm cool like that. 


  1. Hey, hey, hey! How was I to know that I needed to be concentrating on the VERY SMALL spot on the back of your thigh. I literally died seeing the outtakes. Oh, I miss you.

    1. Whatever. You're blackballed here--you'll never work again. (i.e. I miss you too. Come back to me.)