Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Date night

I don’t understand when people say they don’t like dates or dating in general. It’s pretty hopeless at times, sure, but if anything else even a terrible date is a funny memory/story/movie plot/blog post down the road.

And really? Let’s list this out: a) I love getting dressed up. b) I love eating out. c) I love not doing the previous two things alone. So going on dates is fine and dandy to me.  

But my boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year (anniversary in two weeks! What-what!), so we don’t really go on too many technical “dates” most of the time, unless you count me showing up at his place in leggings as a date. So, it’s fun to occasionally designate an evening for a formal date every now and then--which is why it was lovely to get a text from him yesterday morning asking me out.

He wouldn’t tell me where he planned to take me besides that it would be in a certain area of town where there are several casual bars and restaurants, so I decided to pull out a dress I purchased this time last year at Target. The dress is fun but unfussy and my boyfriend has already said he likes it, so I guess I try to make him happy sometimes.

Wristlet from Fossil, Dress from Target

Now I have some male friends who have made fun of it for resembling this, but I think they’re just jealous they didn’t find the dress first. And who doesn’t love Fruit Stripe Gum? No one. Or hateful jerks. One of the two.

Necklace from Maurices (I forgot it was only $8!)

The arrow necklace is also a nice, subtle way to tell your date that you’re hoping Cupid is going to stick an arrow in his (or her) ass and that you already know it’s true love, and also that you were ready to have babies with them, like yesterday.

You can’t see my shoes, but I wore brown gladiator sandals, which is fitting when it’s really fucking hot outside and you don’t want your feet sweat to stink up your shoes. Not that I would personally know.

Date night done right: Logan in a flannel shirt and the pretty flowers he brought for me.

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  1. You most certainly DO NOT look like fruit stripe gum and way to fight the foot sweat in a fashionable way! Also, Logan has great flower picking skills!!